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Q&A: How much privacy protection does a proxy server provide?

November 29, 2011 by admin  
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Question by lordxeragon: How much privacy protection does a proxy server provide?

If one were to connect to a annonymous proxy server and surf the web, download or run applications, would one’s ISP still be able to track the activity of the user? Or is it no longer possible, with the ISP having information that all the user did was to log into a particular server? Why or why not?
I need to know whether it is possible for my ISP to track my activities once I utilise a proxy server.

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Answer by Pud
I believe that websites will no longer be able to track you but the proxy server you connect to will be able to.
You can purchase software to block users IP address but it’s just like caller ID on the phone now a days some people will still see your IP address.
The best thing to do is toi get IP service that assigns a different number to you each time you shut down and turn on you modem

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3 Responses to “Q&A: How much privacy protection does a proxy server provide?”
  1. HaPpY says:

    virtual protection! it can be traced down, but extremely tedious.

  2. gizmo 1 says:

    Https Secure CGI Proxy

  3. arlen k says:

    your ISP is a required physical network hop for you to get online, therefor they can see what you do as far as packet handling goes. But places don’t just surf users packets, they have to have a legal reason to want to monitor a user whether it be a breach in the contracted agreement of use or external law enforcement wanting to monitor a users connection. A proxy is just going to route all the data you see to make it a longer hop from outside the ISP. You’re essentially making more hops for an outside trace to find your ISP. Once that is found a proxy isn’t going to slow down your provider at all.

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