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Q&A: How do you get proxy on your computer? If its on a program, what program is it and where do you buy it?

February 28, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Kyle M: How do you get proxy on your computer? If its on a program, what program is it and where do you buy it?

Hiya. How do I get proxy on my computer?
If it is on a program, what are some programs that have it and where can I buy them?

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Answer by Ilija
Its free just go to google.com and search free Proxies you’ll come up with thousands

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14 Responses to “Q&A: How do you get proxy on your computer? If its on a program, what program is it and where do you buy it?”
  1. Zosh says:

    You don’t “get proxy” or buy it for your computer. It’s part of your networking setup.

  2. Woofersub W says:

    i had this same thing a couple a days ago… go to vtunnel.com its a proxy site and there are other sites to that you just use them as your proxy… if you want to create your own i dont know

  3. stephanie says:

    it is not a program. kids use it all the time to get on myspace at school. but then they bl coked it so they type in http://www.goonmyspaceatschool.com. so to use proxy just google proxy or proxy sites or something like that. not that hard to find.

  4. CaptainObvious says:

    One that I have seen before is Anonymizer.


    There may be better/cheaper ones out there, though.

  5. Jeff says:

    a proxy is someone or some other computer that can talk to the internet for you, it is generally used to hide your activity or beat some sort of filter. there are web sites that are free that you can surf via proxy or pay a proxy service and use internet explorer via proxy. there is free and mis-configured Computers that may be used as a proxy all depends on what you are trying to do or hide….

  6. ciejiin says:

    “How to set up a proxy server to work with my browser?

    Proxy Settings in Mozilla Firefox

    1. Click Tools->Options;
    2. “General”, “Connection Settings”;
    3. Select “Manual Proxy Configuration”;
    4. Enter proxy IP and port to appropriate fields;
    5. Click OK to close Connection Settings;
    6. Click OK to close Options;
    7. Reload browser.

    Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer 4.X

    1. Click “View” “Internet Options”);
    2. Click “Connections”;
    3. Enable “use a proxy server”;
    4. In fields “Address” and “port” type proxy name and proxy port;
    5. If nessesary, enable “bypass proxy server for local addresses”;
    6. Click “OK”.”

    And there are also the instructions to set other browsers if you need ‘em: http://www.freeproxy.ru/en/free_proxy/howuse.htm.

    A proxy is simply a free internet address that gets you in touch with the world wibe web net.
    You can use it for different purposes: to navigate faster, to hide your pc/address from others, etc.

    Hope I’ve answered your question!

    C ya!

  7. beaugarcon175 says:

    I don’t think you need to buy and get proxy for your computer. Enjoy and surfing free with a lot of free proxy service site…just search by google or yahoo. But i would recommended 2 nice proxy site that I recently use



  8. proxyspace says:

    Proxy is website through which you can acces any site even the one restricted by your school or work place

    one of the proxy site sample


  9. The Dude says:

    You can use a web proxy see http://unblocked.me for proxies. its free. You can also use a program but you do need install rights. Here is a program http://www.proxyway.com

    Good luck!

  10. enprinte says:

    If you are talking about a web proxy (For browsing websites) you don’t need any programs

    I suggest the following


  11. Ddsu B says:

    You can use proxy site instead, here’re a few:


    Be sure to tell your friends or post them to you myspace page or blog so
    others can enjoy.
    Happy Surfing!

  12. HasJ says:

    Don’t use a proxy. As you can easily see form all the posts above they are mostly scams trying to get you to lon into their server so they and use you. They get blocked all the time and you are constantly looking for new ones. It’s a total waste of time and effort.

    Read the article below before going down this path.

  13. jimman86 says:

    Use a BRANDE NEW proxy – Here are a few. You can unblock most sites, including myspace with a web proxy:


    Myspace Compatible – All these proxies allow you to comment, reply, view all pages of pictures, send messages etc…

    If the proxies you were using stop working, its just because the admins blocked them. To get around this you simply need a brand new proxy. To get all the latest proxies go here:

    Be sure to share these proxies with your friends, they will think you’re the greatest. :D

    ~Freedom Network.info

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