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Q&A: How do you delete from your proxy on your computer?

February 13, 2012 by admin  
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Question by scott: How do you delete from your proxy on your computer?

i was told you can delete everything on your computer and your history, but then not all of it gets deleted. It goes to proxy so how can you delete from there?

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Answer by frazdav
Usually, the proxy is a technology running on a separate device on your company or school network. There are some proxies that can run on your PC (like WinProxy), but it sounds like that is not the case here.
If the proxy is external, it likely does maintain usage history. The only way to remove that data is if the administrator that manages that device deletes it.
It doesn’t sound like you are the administrator, so you’ll need to track that person down to do it for you…unless you are trying to not attract attention to your web use.

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