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Q&A: How do i know what port to use for my proxy server?

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Question by darkstar1494: How do i know what port to use for my proxy server?

ok so i am in the process of getting free internet on my phone. i already have my own proxy server made and all that. the only problem is that i don’t know what port i should use for my proxy. i have already tried several different ports and none of them have worked. if anyone knows anything about this subject please help

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Answer by handyclown
shut your computer off ad what u want then start it up should come up

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How do i know what port to use for my proxy server?”
  1. Vnay says:

    This question is a bit confusing.

    If you have “made” your own proxy server (as you write) you should know the port number.

    If you are using third party proxy server and don’t know the port try these first – 80, 1080, 3128, 8080. If these don’t work you can possibly use a port scanner to scan for open ports on the system.

    some more info can help if you need a better answer

  2. Yandel B says:

    Here there is alist of fresh fast proxy list ihave just find today






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    have funn time

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