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Q&A: How do I get on Facebook at school without a proxy?

July 27, 2011 by admin  
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Question by ASKman: How do I get on Facebook at school without a proxy?

The thing is my teachers can get on youtube and facebook, and they use the same server as us students do. What do i have to do to my computer settings or internet settings so i can get on youtube and facebook like my teachers can. I don’t want to use a proxy because most of them are blocked at school and they are really slow.

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Answer by Josie
get an iphone

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16 Responses to “Q&A: How do I get on Facebook at school without a proxy?”
  1. what89 says:

    you cant. the teachers have different restrictions on their accounts that the students. unless you get a teachers login you have to use proxies.

  2. Joy M says:

    Teachers and faculty members will usually have the password(s) to get past the school blocks of certain websites. You could try to find out the passwords, but I wouldn’t suggest that you do that. I honestly don’t understand how it’s so difficult to wait until you get home to use these sites, school is not for browsing the internet. Also, teachers can usually track your computer usage, so, if you do get on these sites, they will know and you can get into trouble, I doubt that disciplinary action is worth knowing that your friend updated her relationship status.

  3. Terry C says:

    if your school has a server for a certain program to work go on that if you can e.g for microsoft visual basic to work on our school computers we have a server and we can get on most websites on there even if they are blocked on the main network

  4. Liz says:

    Just for the record kiddies…
    Proxy service filtering is NOT the only way to filter content, nor is it even the most common, or easiest. If y’all think for one minute that we aren’t “on to” the whole proxy server thing, you have to try to remember that it was us who BUILT the proxies in the first place…

    Why ON EARTH do you need Facebook that badly? It’s just friggin Facebook. It’ll still be Facebook at 4:45…

    I know.. I know.. You’ll be the cool kid if you can crack the firewall..

    Here ya go cool kid… CHANGE YOUR DNS SETTINGS…

  5. jay b says:

    use a tunnel like or – these sites let you view any site, but the proxy only sees the site “” or “”

  6. Tyler says:

    I don’t think there is a way get an iPhone like the first person to answer said LOL. :(

  7. Dylan B says:

    Don’t try it dog. Haha for real though I did it and got suspended. It ain’t worth it, just beg your mom for an iphone.

  8. spidro s says:

    not all proxy are slow try this one it always worked for me

  9. amono says:

    Hey, Iv recently had the same problem as you when trying to get onto websites that have been blocked by my school. I was told about this working proxy

    and it actually works! Im now surfing facebook and myspace at school without having the teachers bother me

    give it a try

  10. HasJ says:

    Your school filter can detect a proxy as soon as you try it and either block it on the fly or notify an admin to block it manually. The bottom line is that all proxy’s will eventually get blocked. As the filtering software gets more advanced they will get blocked faster and faster.

    There is also the question of the rules and laws you are breaking by trying to hack your school security system.

    Finally even if you got a proxy to work for a short time you are inviting the proxy owner, many of whom are using the proxy for hacking purposes, to infect and or hijack your school network. Read more on the dangers of proxy’s below and wait until you get home to go to these sites.

  11. Ronnel S says:

    You can give this proxy a try to unblock those blocked websites; it works like a charm!

    Be sure to tell your friends about it so they too can enjoy.

    Happy surfing!

  12. Mike says:

    You can use these proxys to get on facebook in school

  13. Zach says:


    Your teachers accounts probobly have more rights than student accounts, so unless you hack your school adn cahnge your account, you will never get their rights.

    School/work servers often have a large, frequently updated website ban list. At my school, proxy websites found are banned within a week (apparently all schools in the state have the same annoying filter, not like you SHOULD be on myspace/bebo/whatever during school time, but eh). Proxytoolbox seems to be the best list of proxys as it is updated very frequently. At least with an updated list, once the proxy that works gets banned you can simply search for another :)


  14. says:

    You have to use a proxy

    here are some new and unblocked ones…

    ENJOY :)

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