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Q&A: how do i connect DIRECTLY to the internet and not my dad’s proxy server?

June 24, 2012 by admin  
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Question by CrAzY: how do i connect DIRECTLY to the internet and not my dad’s proxy server?

Ok, so basically for all my life my dad has had my internet connection set up to connecting to his proxy server… But this doesn’t let me do certain things like play games that use automatic updaters icon sad Q&A: how do i connect DIRECTLY to the internet and not my dads proxy server?

Does anyone know how I can stop connecting to his proxy server, and straight into the internet? I really want to start playing games on this computer, and he’s made it impossible.

Best answer:

Answer by mewtwo064
My best advice: go ask your Dad to make a rule exception on his server for your games and disregard all the info below this xD. But since you asked, here are my thoughts on it:

If he has a dedicated proxy server that is connected like this Modem –> Proxy Server Computer –> Router –> The rest of the computers in the house, then there is not much you can do short of unplugging that proxy server and plugging the modem directly into the router. However, if that proxy server is not in between the Modem and Router connectivity wise, then you should be able to set your browsers to not use proxy servers in The options –> network settings of IE/Firefox. But it sounds like he has a physical computer set up some where in between the modem and router if it is affecting your games. Alternately you might be able to set your games network settings to use some other proxy server, effectively bypassing the one set up in your house.

But if your Dad has a proxy server set up in the first place, it sounds like he knows what he is doing with a network and has probably anticipated that anyway.

So … tough break for you I’m afraid, if your Dad won’t make that rule exception i mentioned above =/ I’m sure it’s doable but you probably would have to set up some crazy method on your computer to get around all that.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: how do i connect DIRECTLY to the internet and not my dad’s proxy server?”
  1. Servette says:

    One computer can be connected wirelessly to the router. As long you know the passcode and ID to go on the Home Network.

  2. H says:

    No you can’t and your dad is doing the right thing even though you are too young to see it.

  3. Shawn says:

    You don’t, pure and simple.

  4. says:

    Well you should talk with your father, and tell that every people in this worlds got some rights and if you are a child you need to play, its your right, just don’t do it 24 our of 24

    If not use: which can help you access any site which your father could blocked it.

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