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Q&A: How do I bypass a web content filter that also has proxy sites blocked?

April 5, 2012 by admin  
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Question by bigmanoren: How do I bypass a web content filter that also has proxy sites blocked?

Anyone have any ideas? I use a mac and a pc at work. They have EVERYTHING blocked, including every single web proxy and other anyonymizer sites. I am able to use the google translate method, but that isn’t good enough. I don’t have admin rights on my computer either, but I am a “power-user” (some permissions enabled).

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Answer by rathan d
in your browser there will be an setting called allow proxy setting just click on to tat it will be useful

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How do I bypass a web content filter that also has proxy sites blocked?”
  1. jack says:

    Try to set your computer up to be a proxy server that runs on any port other then 8080, 80, and 3128 or use a proxy server that runs on any other port then 8080, 80 or 3128.

    These are default ports that are used with open proxies that allow you to by pass filters such as access-lists. Routers would never be setup to block ports 80 and 8080 because it is the port that most web servers use.

    Actually I think your mistaken in thinking all proxies are just some website like or that you go to and type a web address. I can give you about 5000 IP addresses of anonymous proxies right now that you can use to bypass your filters.

    I think you should do some research on proxies because not all of them can be blocked. That would require blocking every IP or blocking all ports that run 80, 8080, and 3128 which isn’t practical if you wish for you users to have web access.

    If you understood what proxies were you would have no trouble finding and using them to bypass filters.

  2. DLegend says:

    These proxies are fairly new and work at my college: and

    Hope they work for you.

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