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Q&A: How can I get around a site that has Proxy Detection?

July 24, 2011 by admin  
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Question by hahaha111823: How can I get around a site that has Proxy Detection?

There is a site that I regularly visit, but I seem to not be able to here in my hotel. The hotel obviously goes through a proxy, but there is no way for me to disable it. Is there any way I can visit the site by proxy even though proxies have been blocked on that site?

Thanks in advance for the helpful responses I know I will get.
Some of you have mentioned that I should establish a “tunnel”; how is that done? I would need step-by-step instructions.

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Answer by firozmahmud58
Do you know the IP address of your proxy server. if you know then open your internet explorar to to tools +internet options+ connection+lan setting. Enable use proxy setting and give the IP address and port number. if it not open then you can use hotSpot shield.

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8 Responses to “Q&A: How can I get around a site that has Proxy Detection?”
  1. Legolas says:

    go to the manager and explain to him i think he will remove the proxy

  2. adderek says:

    Most probably the hotel is using something called “transparent proxy”. Unless you can establish a tunnel (use external server to “bounce” your connection) or talk to the manager to connect directly in some way… unless that – it would be at least very difficult (I would say impossible but nothing is impossible). You might also try to fool the server – but it is rather difficult.

    My suggestion: check why the proxy detection is present on that server and check if it can be disabled for you. If not then make some tunnel.

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and that is “a tunnel”.

    Step-by-step instructions:

  3. H says:

    Many hotels will give you an unfiltered connection is you ask.

  4. Shawn says:

    Try a personal VPN. I travel all the time and it works at hotels I’ve been to.

  5. Full House Fan says:

    You can always change to another unblocked proxy if the one you use right now is blocked. There are loads of them outside.


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  6. Anonymode says:

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  7. Rojers says:

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