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Q&A: How can i build proxy site to get pass my school block?

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Question by shortstufftg: How can i build proxy site to get pass my school block?

I want to build my own proxy site so i can get past my stupid school web block.

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Answer by Czar
It’s easier to set a VPN to connect home and from there access any web site. Because in this way you don’t leave a trace. You can use Cisco Systems VPN client.

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6 Responses to “Q&A: How can i build proxy site to get pass my school block?”
  1. Bill M says:

    Accessing unauthorized web sites with web proxies ether public proxies or your own private computer is a violation of school computer usage policy. You can get suspended and/or banned from using school computers. Use school computers for school work and myspace will be there when you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyway?

  2. Coolsaint says:

    You need a Webhosting where you will build it and run the Proxy site. Because most of the Hosting Providers don’t support Proxy. Because it takes too much of resources. I will suggest a Hosting which supports Proxy Hosting.


    When you have got Hosting. Then go for a Proxy Script which need to be installed. There are several options but two of them are most popular. CGI Proxy and PHP Proxy.

    CGI Proxy

    PHP Proxy

    That’s it. Download the Proxy script and install it in your web server. You have got your own Proxy site.

  3. dwightl.geo says:


    ? It’s pointless to keep looking for proxies. Even if you find one that works they are still spying on you and recording everything you do with the software below. And there is no way around it.

    ? The systems operators (sysops) are now using keyloggers to block sites, record everyone of your keystrokes, to take screenshots of everything you see. No proxy will stop that.

    ? There is no way around these. Do your work now and play when you get home.

    ? Here’s the king of the keylogger/site blockers. It is used by schools, corporations, the US Government, the US Military and intelligence agencies.

    ? http://www.awarenesstech.com/

    ? Parents put the following application on your kids computer. They will never know it is there. It makes no recognizable files on the hard drive. This means that they can’t find it, see it run, turn it off or type in a code to get around it. They are simply stuck with it.

    ? It blocks sites, takes screenshots of what they see and you can view reports of their activities online or have them emailed to you anytime anywhere. Spyware removal tools can’t remove WebWatcher.

    ? http://www.webwatcherkids.com/

  4. Colin says:

    http://www.bamozi.com still works for me

  5. Nick M says:

    Filtering proxies used at schools, libraries, and in the workplace are starting to monitor and intercept actual http communications, meaning that web proxies no longer work. They will still intercept any blocked sites even through the proxy.

    Your best bet is to set up an SSH tunnel to an outside computer running sshd. Then, use Portable Firefox 2.x, and privoxy installed on a thumbdrive to send encrypted traffic through the filter. A quick search should turn up more information. Or, just download Torpark from http://www.torrify.com/

    Torpark is an all-in-one encrypted proxy package that runs directly off of your thumbdrive.

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