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Q&A: Can someone please tell me a free public proxy address?

May 17, 2012 by admin  
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Question by That guy…: Can someone please tell me a free public proxy address?

I don’t want links to websites with lists of them please, I would just like to have a proxy server address with port that works please.

If you can give more than one then double thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Bfdejhu Pmjkdhh
Hey, Iv recently had the same problem as you when trying to get onto websites that have been blocked by my school. I was told about this working random proxy

and it actually works! Im now surfing facebook and myspace at school without having the teachers bother me

give it a try

the best free proxy software to unblock ur faviourte sites and change ur IP
it assures to be online, private, secure, and anonymous

download it form here

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Can someone please tell me a free public proxy address?”
  1. O'Rly says: should work for you, I can vouch for the safety of the website

  2. W says:

    This Free proxy will unblock some popular sites including Facebook, Youtube and MySpace.

    The IP address changes every day.

    Today’s address, July 22nd, is:

    Configure the proxy setting in your browser to this address and port 80 to use this.

    The daily address update is available at these sites every morning:

    This paid VPN service gets past even the most restrictive blockers that block proxies. It will work where proxies fail.

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