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Q&A: Are the liberal “elite” the real racists?

January 5, 2011 by admin  
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Question by NONAME: Are the liberal “elite” the real racists?

Haven’t the liberals in power simply reduced the minority voter to just that a vote………just another number in the kitty to get elected and they do so by handouts and “social”programs” there is no incentive to aspire or rise above simply be there and vote and you can count on the liberals to increase your programs and benefits in exchange for your support.
Is this not enslavement by proxy aren’t they buying them into a subsistence lifestyle and all the while giving them crumbs from the table they feast at???
I would say such a manner of behavior is very racist and oppressive even though its veiled as “help”
Carter its a legit question yours on the other hand is a dodge because you can’t grasp the depth.
I am by no means saying the repubs are any better but the libs seem to pander to the low income masses via legislation.

Best answer:

Answer by carter_lansford
Your whole question is race baiting.

Who’s the racist?

Edit: No. No it is not a legitimate question. But if you want an answer here it is:


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6 Responses to “Q&A: Are the liberal “elite” the real racists?”
  1. Nestor Diaz-Green says:

    Too true, Mate…too true

  2. g says:

    and Republicans don’t buy the votes of the wealthy with tax cuts?

    but it’s not racism… it’s buying votes…

    that’s politics buddy….

    the ONLY real difference is, IF YOU LOOK AT THE FACTS….

    poor people don’t vote, to any real degree, and the more poor they are, the less likely they are to vote… so, they aren’t getting any bang for their buck…


    EDIT: and why do Republicans seem to think that it’s “hurting” them? or enslaving? most of the poor are poor and will stay poor… gov. help or not…

    and this is really more of a poverty issue than a race issue, frankly…

  3. Paul in San Diego says:

    So, if that’s such a bad thing, then why are the Republicans trying to do the same thing with the Hispanic population (albeit highly unsuccessfully)?

  4. Mike says:

    Well seeing as you used metaphors I feel am obliged to agree with you.

  5. GHOST OF REAGAN says:

    Of course liberalism is racist. But sadly, there is none so blind or ignorant as those who will not see.

  6. railroad dave says:

    capitalism is based on the exploitation of the masses . without ‘consumers’ the producers could not get rich . are you suggesting we convert to communism so that we are all equal ?

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