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Proxy tutorial in Mozilla Firefox + Proxy list(no programs)

November 2, 2010 by admin  
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default Proxy tutorial in Mozilla Firefox + Proxy list(no programs)

Watch in high quality: www.youtube.com —-///—-///—-///—-///—- Proxy list: ADDRESS: PORT: 80 ========================== ADDRESS: PORT: 80 ========================== ADDRESS: PORT: 3128 ========================== ADDRESS: PORT: 80 ========================== ADDRESS: PORT: 80 ========================== ADDRESS: PORT: 80 ************************** Proxy lists: www.aplusproxy.com **************************************************** How to use proxy? 1.Open Mozilla Firefox 2.Go to Tools 3.Go to Options 4.Select Advanced *Tab* 5.Select Network in Advanced *Tab* 6.Go to Settings 7.Mark Manual proxy configuration 8.In field “HTTP proxy:” type one of the proxy addresses and in the “Port:” type port of the proxy server… 9.Surf anonymous… ************************ ========================== Please support me by downloading this small file: uploading.com ==========================

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www.myproxys.com has a whole range of anonymous proxy lists online in USA. Top 10 Rankings – www.servicewrap.net


21 Responses to “Proxy tutorial in Mozilla Firefox + Proxy list(no programs)”
  1. whooooooooot1 says:

    @joaoworms1 Eu sei que eu so loco! eu so Brazieleirao tbm.

  2. joaoworms1 says:

    @whooooooooot1 é loco cara

  3. Jockerr85 says:

    just use ProxySwitcher Standard or Pro…whatever u will find :) (hacked version ofcourse xD) it checks the Ip`s from the lists,u can add ur own lists….saves u a lot of pain of checking if they work or not :) Atleast thats what i use and its great so far.hope this helps u all :)

  4. fjl3 says:

    For a constantly checked list of Proxies check out ProxyCampDOTinfo

  5. Diad0raable says:

    I have noticed that these proxy lists are way out of date.
    So here are some here, you will have to fill out a form though. The most recent one is May 1st.
    Just replace the * with the missing letter. All these files are are text files, so you can safely download.

  6. bowserlv100 says:

    Valeu mas… No TEST!?

  7. robdun says:

    just in firefox

  8. whooooooooot1 says:

    Is this free and how do you set it up on cellphone.

  9. justj0sh1ng says:

    it’s kind of annoying how it they connections stop working and start throughout it all but this is like the only way i’ve ever encountered without having to download some iffy program. finally, i can conquer the 72 minute limit on megavideo and watch all my shows/movies, so thanks a bunch.

  10. guitar453 says:


  11. guitar453 says:

    No, it is not possible to hack a person if you only have it’s ip address.

  12. guitar453 says:

    The have expired.

  13. ZMrShadowZ says:

    is the ip changed in online games and so on too or just in the firefox?

  14. christianmusicalways says:

    Oh and I forgot to add, I just tried using those IPs which you provided in the video description, but I can never connect to the internet with them. What’s wrong?

  15. christianmusicalways says:

    Can people trace me down and hack me if I put those IP addresses in (if that is possible), or is it 100% safe to enter those IP addresses in firefox?

  16. guitar453 says:

    When you did this one in options it will stay ’till you turn it off.

  17. rvercks99 says:

    do you need to do that every time you want your IP to change or just once and the IP changes automatically ?

  18. guitar453 says:

    Your IP is changed:)

  19. rvercks99 says:

    what happens by doing that?

  20. BRADERZ2008 says:

    I had a donut the other day and it taste like a green giraffe

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