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Proxy Sites That Are Not Blocked By Impero Or School?

January 13, 2013 by admin  
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Question by COMPUTER GEEK UK_12: Proxy Sites That Are Not Blocked By Impero Or School?


Urgently need a proxy site that is not banned by impero or school.

Best answer:

Answer by Lil Joker (

(Add the s in the end of http in order for it to work)

Happy Surfing!
(Use it wisely)

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9 Responses to “Proxy Sites That Are Not Blocked By Impero Or School?”
  1. Bangla Team says:

    go to,
    here you find huge proxies

  2. Alan says:

    Try this newest proxy:

    Proxies get blocked very fast… to get new proxies to your mail
    join the group

  3. Bob says:

    this site include a list of working school proxies

    you will like it

    where is my vote ?

  4. Proxy says:

    use 1 of the below

    proxies get blocked very get Fresh Proxies right to your mail
    join the group

  5. Nan says:

    All proxies are created equal using the exact same technology. None is better than any other and the web filters know how to detect them now. So they don’t’ work anymore.

  6. ice says:

    No one can know what proxies will be blocked are your school. What you have to do is check out a few proxies until you find one that works. There are loads of proxies listed here:

    The site also has a tester which allows you to check out a load of proxies at the same time:

    Good luck!

  7. Web Guy says:


    Here are some great proxy sites which launch recently & surely will solve your problem. They will hide your personal information & let you browse those pages you wanted. These are fast & absolutely free too. These sites are Brand new free Proxy sites for Myspace, FaceBook, Youtube, Bebo, Friendster & others.

  8. Zeol says:

    yes here it…

    This site has a list of many proxy sites, working like a champ…

    Just try there and happy browse

  9. D says:

    You can try one of the links below. They’re pretty new so they should work in most places, they work with facebook, myspace and youtube and have no download limits.

    You can also bookmark which will list any new, reliable and ad-free proxies that come up.

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