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proxy servers for myspace

July 30, 2012 by admin  
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25 Responses to “proxy servers for myspace”
  1. yamahayg says:

    dude just search 4 youtubeadblocker, its good?

  2. missgap85 says:

    Smart! Perso I use a ProxyHarvester to scrape fresh proxies. Each day I get around 30-40.000 proxies.
    WEBSITE: rapidformfiller(.)com/proxyharvester?

  3. maom888 says:

    very bad?

  4. oneupadvanced says:


  5. Raicunte says:

    those? basterds

  6. 5651374 says:

    genius! im? tring all these!

  7. PACYNAzx says:

    I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    There is software im using to send atleast 20,000 text message a day advertising my online business…it is amazing. I think they have? a free demo to try as well autotextsender.(c0m) God Bless!

    thanks for sharing good stuff man

  8. TenMillionViews says:

    if most of the proxies are blocked at your work or school use this proxy it? is a private one and it brand new!::
    youlube . t35 . com

  9. bounceybaybay says:

    damn nothing worked . i have k-9? web protection

  10. AnimeMookie says:

    plus they took away command? prompt @ skool

  11. AnimeMookie says:

    It doesn’t? work nemore

  12. ELRYAN0 says:

    this does not? work any more

  13. grundo80 says:

    check my vid for the best bypass it is immpossible to? block

  14. FranOFTHEYEAR says:

    You can also use:

    W W W . B L O C K E D M E .? I N F O

    just take out the spaces!
    to access myspace at school or work!

  15. hakkar691 says:

    nice vid? ^.^

  16. IcanSpellMyname says:

    most schools block any site that has the words proxy in it…so find one that doesnt say proxy in the url?

  17. soorajarjun says:

    my college stil blocks? it … soon after i type en it n hit enter it blocks it!!!

  18. JoyJigga says:

    Very Smart? and Creative! Thanks for uploading this!

  19. weedfacebg15 says:

    this is not your? video you stupid cunt this is

  20. nocturnalpray says:

    not? recomended!! not moral

  21. dillonxl says:

    thanks (:?

  22. StevenBergstrom says:

    the ping trick does not work at school, it shows up saying “Confirmed this user at (insert PC name here) is trying to? circumvent blacklisted site “(site name here)” at “IP)

  23. gotosubway says:

    thank you so much!!!!!!
    now i? will be able to go to any website in scool
    i am using the last one bc it is easy
    btw you cant go to youtube wit the last method, you have to replace “myspace” wit “youtube” in the address bar instead of just searching for it on google

  24. muffinman943 says:

    uhhh ipcloak . org is 10 times faster then the? crap website you suggested

  25. tdeath101 says:

    why not? check out the cybernin portable proxy browser? its not out yet but it looks promising.

    type in portable proxy on th you tube search and click on the first vid.

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