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Proxy Profits :: Your Definitve Guide on How to Make Money Online With Proxies

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Proxy Profits :: Your Definitve Guide on How to Make Money Online With Proxies

There are over 31 billion searches in google every month. That is 5 times the entire worlds population finding answers to life’s least important questions, every month. In 2006 this number was just 2.6 billion. That is a 1200% increase in just a mere three years. We are living in exponential times and our world is getting smaller at an astonishing rate, internet privacy and security has never been more important than it is right now. The most common way to browse the internet with unparalleled safety and anonymity, not to mention unblocking previously blocked websites, has been to use a proxy server.

A proxy server acts in much the same way as a human proxy does, it is a web-based representative for your computer. When you surf the internet using a proxy, no one sees you or your computer, they only see the proxy that is doing your dirty work. This means that you can sneak past all the virtual bouncers that have locked you out of your favorite websites at work or school, you can visit all the naughty sites you wish without your significant other finding out, and no hacker will discover your ip address and steal all of your data.

So we have so far established that there are more people surfing the web now than ever before, and that these people are in dire need of a little privacy and security. We have also learnt that a web proxy is the best solution for these people. So the only conclusion we can therefore reach is that proxies must be extremely popular. But who runs and profits from these traffic magnets? that’s where this article comes in. After reading this you will be ready to set the foundations for your money spinning proxy empire!

I am going to talk about two ways of getting into the proxy market, by owning a proxy network, and by owning a proxy lister.

Proxy Networks

A proxy network is, believe it or not, a network of proxies. The concept is very basic, each proxy server that you own makes money by displaying ads and such, so it only makes sense to multiply your profits by making more proxies. All of the proxies that you own is called your proxy network, each and every one of these proxies make a bit of money, and put together a network of say 10, 100 or even 1000 proxies and you have the potential to rake in some really serious cash.

To build a proxy server you need only 4 things:

Hosting A Domain Name A good Proxy Script A bit of know-how (supplied here)

Hosting and Domains

I am not going to go into hosting and domain names too deeply, as there are literally hundreds of equally good hosting companies and domain registrars to choose from that will serve your purposes perfectly. What I will say is that I recommend you register a domain name with a different company than your hosting provider. More and more hosting providers are getting the nasty reputation of playing hostage with your domain names when you choose to terminate a contract, so it’s best just to play it safe and go with a dedicated domain registrar.

Try and avoid using ‘proxy’ in the actual domain name as many school and work content blockers have ‘proxy’ on their blacklist. When trying to register a domain, the TLD (.com, .net, .info, etc.) is not too important, you are going to have to register a lot of domains, so going for the cheapest option would make sense. For the domain registrar to go with, I personally use and recommend Namecheap They offer great support and competitive pricing, if you can find a better deal then take it. Remember the only thing that changes in domain registrars is their level of support and pricing, all services do the same thing.

As far as hosting goes, I can only suggest that you either go with a specialized ‘proxy hosting’ package that many hosting providers are offering now, or go through your chosen hosting companies TOS (terms of service) with a fine toothed comb. A lot of hosting providers don’t like hosting proxies on shared accounts because they can be a bit of a resource hog. Other than this, just make sure you have enough disk space and bandwidth to suit your needs.

As a general rule I try and stay away from hosts that offer  ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth. There is obviously no such thing as unlimited resources, and the providers that offer this usually place unfair restrictions on other aspects of their service, so that you could never possibly use your ‘unlimited’ bandwidth and disk space. The same goes with hosts offering ridiculously large amounts of disk space and bandwidth, something like 10TB for /month is obviously not realistic and buried in their TOS you would likely find page after page of restrictions that could cripple your account and get you banned.

Proxy Scripts

Now for the most vital part of your proxy network, the proxy script you choose to use. There are two routes you can take here, using free scripts, or a proper product. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and know your way around programming in PHP, and you don’t mind spending more time working without support to save money, then the free route would be for you. I am not that kind of person, and would rather pay a little bit extra to get into the fast lane for success, for peace of mind, a quality product, and a helping hand when I get frustrated trying to fix a proxy at 3 o’clock in the morning. If you choose to go down the paid route, you can’t really look past the products offered by ProxyNiche

ProxyNiche is pretty much the leader in the proxy script market. They have by far the best support in the field, usually getting back to you within 6 hours in my experience, their products are the cheapest as well as  the most feature rich in the proxy script market, they are also the most established and reputable company amongst a sea of cheap scams that are there one day and gone by the next. I strongly recommend you use these guys. The script they offer for building proxy networks is called ProxyMan .

ProxyMan is really cool because you can upload and install the script on one domain and have a functioning proxy up in a minute or so, and then create up to 10 000 custom proxies on the fly without uploading any more files or installing any extra copies of the script. This is such a huge timesaver that this feature alone is easily worth the price tag. Once you get the hang of it you can make about 100 proxies in just over an hour and a half. A proxy network of that size would take weeks or even months to build using free scripts or even other paid products.

To build a proxy server with ProxyMan, you just fill out a form located in your control panel. It is all pretty self expanitory, the only thing I suggest is that you put a focus on SEO when writing your content. Think of words that people would search for and try and include these words in your site content, then add these words to your meta keywords list. Remember that you should only include words that you have actually used on the site in the meta keywords field. All you have to do then is park domains to your main site, and fill out another form for each domain.

All the templates included are fairly simple to edit, and if you want small modifications done to them, the support staff could probably help.

Proxy Listers

A proxy lister is simply a website that lists proxy servers for users to find. All proxy servers out there want one thing and one thing only, traffic. By getting listed in a proxy lister proxy servers greatly increase their chances of getting more traffic. Many proxy server owners are desperate enough for traffic that they pay to be listed on proxy listers in order to gain more recognition. By running your own proxy lister you not only have an income from selling advertising space, like with a proxy network, but also from having paid subscribers to your listings.

To build your own proxy lister you need the same 4 basic elements that you do for building a proxy network,

Hosting A Domain Name A good Proxy Script A bit of know how

Hosting and Domains

Basically the same goes for proxy lister hosting as it does for proxy server hosting. The only difference being that you don’t need to find specialized proxy hosting. As you are just listing proxies on your proxy lister, there is no heavy load on a shared hosting server, unlike if you were running a proxy network. Again, try and avoid using the words ‘proxy’,  ‘unblock’, etc. in your actual domain as these are likely to be blocked by content blockers in schools and workplaces, cutting off a large portion of your market. The warning of ‘unlimited’ hosts also still applies when finding hosting for a proxy lister.

Proxy Scripts

Again, the most vital part of owning a proxy lister is getting hold of a good proxy script, and again ProxyNiche comes to the rescue with their fantastic, and cheap, script, ProxyShout.

Unlike with proxy server scripts, there aren’t really too many decent quality free DIY options when building a proxy lister. ProxyShout is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, weighing in at , but it still has all the features you would need to build your own proxy list, and best of all absolutely no knowledge of html or php or anything like that is required at all.

I have only one small complaint with the script. By default, there is a large logo in the top left hand corner of the template that says “ProxyShout”. Now, when your trying to build your own custom and unique proxy list, a big bit of 3rd party branding isn’t exactly what you want. But not to worry, it is an easy fix. If you hunt around in the in the downloaded package you get when you order the script, you will find a folder called ‘img’ inside the upload folder. In that folder you will find an image called ‘logo.jpg’. If you replace this image with your own logo or title the changes will be made site-wide automatically.

I again suggest that you put a bit of a focus on SEO when you write your content for your proxy lister. With so many people having the same bright idea of diving into this huge market, you can easily get lost to a sea of other listers. But by implementing some useful SEO techniques, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and make some serious cash. The scope of this article isn’t broad enough to include information on SEO methods, but with a quick google search you will find all you need to know.

Well, That’s all from me for the time being, I hope this article has shed some light on the shrouded world of proxy profits and wish you all the best on your journey to success in the proxy market. – What is a proxy and why would you use it? What types of proxies are out there?

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