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Proxy Key Explained in 60 Seconds

May 16, 2012 by admin  
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Proxy Key is a paid proxy service that provides users with a list of 200+ working proxies. These proxies are constantly updated and are available for /month after a 3 day free trial.

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A proxy server is essentially a middle computer that sits between the client and the primary server. Find out how proxy servers increase speed and efficiency withhelp from a computer specialist in this free video on Internet connections. Expert: Mike Rickert Bio: Mike Rickert has been working in the computer industry in different capacities since 1995. Filmmaker: Abiy Engida

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21 Responses to “Proxy Key Explained in 60 Seconds”

    The proxy is also used to hack. With a proxy, you can hack into facebook, google, ect. and access passwords and other personal information, as well as change the interface?

  2. streetwhereulive says:

    I am told that if I have a proxy server that I can watch ITV and BBC. I’d like some help with that? please.

  3. mrkkvsam says:

    check this? out – hidemeforever

  4. AyresServer says:

    Proxy for school, work, college, etc…
    Unblocks Facebook, Youtube, Flash Games, Everything!
    Simple watch my video, and follow? the instructions! :D
    Here’s the video —> watch?v=qStwrhvrP0o
    Copy and past that to the end of the URL :)

  5. baker100ful says:

    on my other computer the proxy sever walt work please help

  6. girl123boy456 says:

    Keep getting a message? that proxy server is refusing connections. How do I fix?

  7. Jeepers014 says:

    me? too

  8. happygamestvfun1 says:

    Wow old? computer

  9. pozionmynd says:

    @ecorg911 eyyyy ecorg thats the truth of a proxy server… why they existed… sounds like you are a wanna bee leet hacker with no real idea, go? troll elsewhere kido.

  10. alexandreoli1998 says:

    can you send me how to use “CHARLE“? program for vista .

  11. nghnino says:

    tHIS MAN IS VERY HELPFUL to ALL HE clearly explains everything, thanks? ehow

  12. pinkiruina says:

    Nice hair Asian women ? ******

  13. snugleyslug says:

    where do i find? a good proxy server for escaping ip bans?

  14. Am3r1cab0y says:

    i have the same fucken promblem ?

  15. EspadaFung says:

    Free proxy services at proxy(.)voucherexpress(.)co(.)cc?

  16. captainbillmorgan says:

    Proxy servers are used for privacy rights and protect your personal? data and identity theft. Because information is often not well protected by those we are supposed to trust. I think its a good idea to protect children since an address can now easily be pinpointed. It’s also used by people who are in countries that prevent or censor information by a firewall. It also helps Internet users in countries without safe access to free media ie China. Mike is discussing a business point of view.

  17. SmileG333 says:


  18. pcfix411 says:

    eHow, Another point to? consider. I like the video.

  19. proxyserverlist says:

    Helpful video,? thanks man!

  20. fizal00 says:

    i need personal help? about proxy pls help me!

  21. ThomasSkatez says:

    what about for? aim doesnt work help me plzplzplzz

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