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Question by nickjonaslover: proxy??!!??!?

I NEED A PROXY SERVER!!! my school blocks websites and stuff……..can u find me a working one!! msot of them r blcoked and i cant find one?? help

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Answer by Soroush
use “ultra surf” it doesn’t need to be installed.
Download it. its free

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7 Responses to “proxy??!!??!?”
  1. Roy T says:

    They are blocked because you are supposed to be doing school work.
    You will find that most proxys will only work once or twice then they are also blocked.

  2. TechSavy says:


    one of them. Im in school also but i don’t bother with proxies because it’s not worth the trouble. 10 OSS if we’re caught.

  3. RP says:
    http://roxproxy. info
    http://nyproxy. info
    http://runorbypass. info
    http://unbloc. info
    http://unblockee. info
    http://watchbypass. info
    http://unblo. info
    http://unblockrr. info
    http://proxpass. info
    http://unblockpass. info
    http://bypassmenow. info

  4. PROXYLIST A says:

    You can find some free anonymous proxy server list in those website and some knowledge about the proxy.The proxy sites update checked fresh proxy list daily.You can use it to surf some blocked websites.This site usually update the list at 12 noon(EST),Because proxy server offline very fast, So you should use it in time.

  5. says:

    Hello, I have a new proxy that wil bypass all those countries,

    Browse the internet securely using . You can unblock popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Friendster and many other sites.

    At you can surf the internet anonymously. You can browse the web at school without being blocked by the school’s filter. You can browse the web at work and not be blocked by your work’s filter.

    also try this proxy sites:

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