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Question by tonyitalian: Proxy…?.?

ok heres my prob:
my parents has put up a blocker and I have to bypass it to get to a site. when I get to it is shows for a milisecound and it gose out like I have no internet. and my itunes download isn’t going through….please I need a good proxy.

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Answer by edwardrsngr92
use the link

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8 Responses to “Proxy…?.?”
  1. TechGuy24 says:

    Depending on how computer savy your parents are you may have no chance. I have several sites blocked and my kids have never figured it out and never will.

  2. ac_johns71014 says:

    Try all these out and let me know by e-mailing me: (at least try it even though its not in your area.)

    I hope I helped! Remember to e-mail me and let me know! Thanks.

  3. Saj says:

    hi, i know your prob
    this is the best way to get rid of it
    it has got over 250 sites that let’s you to unblock them.
    try them

  4. shogun says:

    Try or you can find fresh proxy list at
    They check every 12hr and only working proxy sites are listed.
    You can find cgi proxy,php proxy,ssl proxy,curl proxy,zelune…

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