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Question by brandon c: proxy????????!!!!?

need a good proxy to get on bebo and stuff in school loads have been blocked. need a good one thanks peeps

Best answer:

Answer by Cyber Thug
Go here for a list of 300+ proxy sites:

‘ope that helps

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18 Responses to “proxy????????!!!!?”
  1. Quix says:

    Do your work School Computers are for School work.

    Proxies are blocked for your safety and your classmates
    safety from child predators and dangerous people and the
    safety of school equipment from infection virus and trojans.

  2. mysmasken says:

    At a new proxy is listed for your convenience every week.
    This week the proxy is:
    Last weeks proxy was:

    Sign up for the newsletter and you will get a new proxy e-mailed to you once a week.

    Also try these proxies:

    Happy surfing!

  3. Bill M says:

    Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You will get suspended and/or banned from using school computers when you get caught. Use school computers for school work, and bebo can wait until you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on bebo anyways?

  4. scott00_24 says:

    these sites specify they work with bebo and others. and

  5. agnibo r says:

    Look if this solve your problem
    super fast proxy that allow access e-gold paypal and myspace bebo facebook orkut hi5 friendster at school and work is



  6. Nimrod R says:

    You can enter every site you want with:
    Enjoy surfing!

  7. vamsee1 says:

    Proxy surfing means indirect surfing , surfing (requests , data ) passes through the proxy server than the normal internet service provider.

    Its used when times like some sites are blocked in office and you want to access those sites

    VamseeNets Proxy is a proxy which is designed in a way that no blocking software can block it , as there is no proxy word (text) in the site and i bet its the best proxy thats working across all companies.

    Try it out at

  8. victor21392 says:

    Join this group so you can get fresh proxies sent straight to your inbox to unblock websites.

  9. jimman86 says:

    You can unblock sites with a web proxy. Here are some of them:

    Also these proxies let you not only login to myspace, but let you post comments, bulletins, and view 2nd pages of peoples profiles.

    If all of the proxies that you are trying to use are blocked its because eventually the admins catch up and block them. To avoid this simply use a new proxy. To get the latest list of new, working proxies you can check out the Freedom Network:

    If you like these proxies make sure to tell your friends about them and share them on your Myspace page or blog so others can enjoy them.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Surfing!

  10. the_master_empire says:

    The best solution is to use a proxy thats
    1. under one week old,
    2. not listed on any public proxy lists and
    3. doesn’t have taboo words in it’s name like “proxy”, “filter” “unblock”, etc.

    There’s a very good chance that it’s not blocked.

    A great service that meets these criteria is They post private (hidden) proxies that are under 1 week old. WebFreed also offers proxy list by rss feed so you can have access to the proxies even if their site gets blocked (through public feed readers).

    My work blocks everything (I’m working in a financial institution so the rules are strict in here) and, yet, I have been able to use their service without problems.

  11. jenny j says:

    try for a web proxy

    There is a group also that you can subscribe and receive daily new proxy sites in case this one is blocked from you

  12. Mousiko S says:

    You can unblock myspace type sites from work,school,etc with these 2 proxies.
    Dont forget to tell your friends about them!

  13. Jeremynet says:

    100% working proxy. Take a look

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