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Question by david s: proxy???????

if i go onto a proxy at school or at work, does it hide my history of can it be watched….can the school administration or work supervisor see what site i am on if i am using a proxy???

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7 Responses to “proxy???????”
  1. Derek M says:

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  2. Steven Ruman says:

    using these they can not find out what sites you went to on the proxy, only that you were using a proxy

  3. alxstatik says:

    Remember that any site that’s typed into your browser depending on how it’s configured, will show in the history. So once you type in a proxy site just clear the history. An administrator could only find out if you’re using a proxy but won’t know which sites you visited behind the proxy. Here’s the proxy site I’ve used for about a month and has yet to be detected by network filters.

  4. Colin says:

    They can’t see what web site you are on, thats the point of a web proxy

  5. cgoly01 says:

    Good Fast Proxy use this to get on blocked/banned websites

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