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Question by Jordan: Proxy??????????????????

does anyone know a proxy that isnt blocked?

Best answer:

Answer by 7S282
How about instead of using your schools computers to get on myspace etc you use it for studying. You are probably breaking your schools acceptable use policy and could very well get your internet access privileges revoked.

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19 Responses to “Proxy??????????????????”
  1. ndmmxiaomayi says:

    Your ISP proxy.

  2. tomgman123 says:

    Well all filters are different. My school uses a Worcstershire County Council smart filter. But gets past that with ease.

    If thats blocked try

    Good Luck and use them wisely.

  3. kallol b says:

    here is a list of proxies which are not blocked

    you can browse whatever you like :)

    All are login enabled cgi proxies.

  4. Colin says: is still working for me…

  5. alexus_mad says:

    PEOPLE! Let us finish using proxies as it is a technology of passed century and is now commonly used illegally.

    Note: SOCKS isn’t actually a proxy.

  6. marx . says:


    This site has a whole list of great myspace ready proxy sites


  7. proxy.master says:

    i will explain the best solution ..

    you can join this site which contain an hourly updated list .

    now if the site is blocked !! still you can join it by sending a free E.MAIL , just write the word . join . in the subject line to the below address.

    then will receive a confirmation e.mail which you have to reply and after that will receive your confirmed account with your password and automatically will be added to their daily mailing list ,hence will receive a daily updated proxy list which you can use to browse any where .

    but i advice you to use the proxies you receive in your mailbox to login again to the above site where you will find the latest proxies at that time ,even you can join their VIP area which contain the fastest proxies with high reliability.

  8. Susan S says:

    Use Proxy Finder to find 3000+ fresh proxy list in 10 seconds everyday.

  9. Drew C says:

    Finally one that isnt blocked by school!

    Plus is the fastest proxy site ive found so far. Just register for a free account and you can get past any filtering system.

  10. legolas says:

    these ones work fine

  11. SoHeiL says:

    use this weblog to get latest proxies :

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