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Question by kim?you: Proxy……………………..?

all of it is block ….help me ??? pleaseee ???

Best answer:

Answer by Lucy Girl
just know that when you are done with school then you will need to look for a job so get used to spending 8 hours a day/five days a week without a computer because if you use a proxy while at work then you will lose that job really fast

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14 Responses to “Proxy……………………..?”
  1. Proxy says:

    use 1 of the below

    proxies get blocked very get Fresh Proxies right to your mail
    join the group

  2. The Watcherlol says:

    There’s new proxies every day on : (with a zero)

    I go there because there are always fast AND UNBLOCKED proxies.

    If you like it, tell your friends ;-)


  3. CF says:

    This proxy unblocks many popular sites including Facebook, Youtube and MySpace.

    The IP address changes daily. Today’s address, April 27th, is:

    Configure the proxy setting in your browser to this address and port 80 to use.

    The daily address update is available at these sites every morning:

  4. Antonio says:

    Try JennCria’s Proxy List. That’s the first (I think) “users centered” proxy list. Use the proxy sites inside the list and if you don’t like them you can leave a comment in the daily report :)

  5. Nan says:

    I tried hundreds of free proxies/vpn’s over many months. All I got out of it was a lot of frustration as they got blocked in short order. Well I got one more thing and that was a virus from one of them that wrecked my HD. Even when they worked for a while they were slow and didn’t support all the web site features. My friend in Riyadh told me about the Personal VPN He’s kind of an expert on unblocking sites because he lives in a place where pretty much everything fun is blocked.

    Anyway, I tried it a few months ago and it’s been working all the time. I haven’t been blocked since and the sites are 100% functional. With the Personal VPN everything works like it’s supposed to. Once connected you don’t even know it’s there. It’s not free but it works perfectly.

  6. Mike D says:

    Here’s a free proxy created today:

    -Unblock ANY Website
    -watch youtube videos
    -download up to 50 MB
    -hide you IP and stay anonymous
    -Fast and hosted on a dedicated server

    I get new proxies here everyday:

  7. Simply Dimple says:

    try to use some of these newest updated proxies today

  8. John says:

    the best proxy is a newwer one try

    it will work im sure!!!

  9. CrappkidSoftware says:

    Here is the solution that I use: go to this site and download the proxy web-browser:
    The good thing about this program is that it is impossible to block it!

  10. Ahmed says:

    Here is a list of fresh fast proxy list I have just find today:

    Remember to tell your friends about this proxies,


    M. Issa

  11. Traced says: – bypass all blocked sites – unblock all blocked sites

  12. burkey567 says:

    I run a bunch of proxy servers, visit and click proxy, this is always updated.

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