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Question by kim?you: Proxy……………………..?

all of it is block ….help me ??? pleaseee ???

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Answer by Lucy Girl
just know that when you are done with school then you will need to look for a job so get used to spending 8 hours a day/five days a week without a computer because if you use a proxy while at work then you will lose that job really fast

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14 Responses to “Proxy……………………..?”
  1. Proxy says:

    use 1 of the below


    proxies get blocked very fast..to get Fresh Proxies right to your mail
    join the group

  2. The Watcherlol says:

    There’s new proxies every day on :

    http://www.pr0xyblog.com (with a zero)

    I go there because there are always fast AND UNBLOCKED proxies.

    If you like it, tell your friends ;-)


  3. CF says:

    This proxy unblocks many popular sites including Facebook, Youtube and MySpace.

    The IP address changes daily. Today’s address, April 27th, is:

    Configure the proxy setting in your browser to this address and port 80 to use.

    The daily address update is available at these sites every morning:


  4. Antonio says:

    Try JennCria’s Proxy List. That’s the first (I think) “users centered” proxy list. Use the proxy sites inside the list and if you don’t like them you can leave a comment in the daily report :)


  5. Nan says:

    I tried hundreds of free proxies/vpn’s over many months. All I got out of it was a lot of frustration as they got blocked in short order. Well I got one more thing and that was a virus from one of them that wrecked my HD. Even when they worked for a while they were slow and didn’t support all the web site features. My friend in Riyadh told me about the Personal VPN http://www.surfbouncer.com. He’s kind of an expert on unblocking sites because he lives in a place where pretty much everything fun is blocked.

    Anyway, I tried it a few months ago and it’s been working all the time. I haven’t been blocked since and the sites are 100% functional. With the Personal VPN everything works like it’s supposed to. Once connected you don’t even know it’s there. It’s not free but it works perfectly.

  6. Mike D says:

    Here’s a free proxy created today:

    -Unblock ANY Website
    -watch youtube videos
    -download up to 50 MB
    -hide you IP and stay anonymous
    -Fast and hosted on a dedicated server

    I get new proxies here everyday:

  7. Simply Dimple says:

    try to use some of these newest updated proxies today

  8. John says:

    the best proxy is a newwer one try


    it will work im sure!!!

  9. CrappkidSoftware says:

    Here is the solution that I use: go to this site and download the proxy web-browser: http://crappkid.byethost10.com/?p=12
    The good thing about this program is that it is impossible to block it!

  10. Ahmed says:

    Here is a list of fresh fast proxy list I have just find today:


    Remember to tell your friends about this proxies,


    M. Issa

  11. Traced says:

    http://bypassall.blogspot.com – bypass all blocked sites
    http://cl0ak.info – unblock all blocked sites

  12. burkey567 says:

    I run a bunch of proxy servers, visit http://burkecomputers.com.au and click proxy, this is always updated.

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