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Question by Ernesto W: proxy?????

I need a really good anonymous web browser.. I have tird everything, how can I unblock websites at a library??? It has “smart filter” – (Bess Edition) Help me bypass icon smile proxy?????

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Answer by lillian
Why do you think the blocks are there and then pray tell us why you should be given the honor of breaking into that library computers?

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12 Responses to “proxy?????”
  1. thunder2sys says:

    maybe the library doesn’t want you accessing sites that could damage their PCs. There is a reason why they are blocking it and you run the risk of being kicked out. Is it worth it?

  2. hallmike1 says:

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but my advice is that you shouldn’t even try because that is against the acceptable use policy at your library. They have sites blocked for safety and security reasons. They own the computers and the internet connection so they get to say how they’re used.

    Trying to bypass their security is considered hacking and will get you banned from using any of their computers.

    They can see and track everything you do so you WILL get caught. Not being able to use the computers at all would suck way worse than just using them to view allowed sites – wouldn’t it?

    But please go ahead and post all the proxies you can think of here so we know the new ones to block. Thanks for making it easy for us admins to keep blocking you!


  3. JackOne says:

    Try this free web proxy:

  4. Matt G says:

    You can unblock sites with using a proxy, any of these will work:

    Also you can get the latest proxies at the Freedom Network:

    Also proxies from the Freedom Network are some of the rare proxies on the net that let you comment, send messages, post bulletins, and view all pages of peoples pages on myspace.

    Enjoy, and tell others so they can enjoy too.

    Happy Surfing!

    Jim B

  5. Ann L says:


    Browse anonymously and/or bypass your school, college or workplace network restrictions. Is your favourite site blocked? Browse through our site instead! Browse Facebook, MySpace, Youtube and many more sites with no problem.

    We fetch the page you want and send it back to you – you only connect to our server so any filters which block particular URLs can be bypassed and you never have to communicate directly with the target server.

    Facetube is a proxy server which services the requests of its clients by forwarding requests to other servers. A client connects to the Facetube proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. The Facetube proxy server provides the resource by connecting to the specified server and requesting the service on behalf of the client. The Facetube proxy server may optionally alter the client’s request or the server’s response, and sometimes it may serve the request without contacting the specified server.

    Browse the internet securely with Facetube.info. You can unblock popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Friendster and many other sites. Feel free to browse 24/7 and don’t forget to tell your friends about Facetube.info

  6. steVen says:


    with those sites be sure to use the url as I show it (includes ‘https://’ not ‘http://’) that will help prevent it from being blocked

    let your friends know about the sites to help them grow ;)

  7. Ajay Nambiar says:

    Latest Domain:pmod.info
    goto the site:
    Click on the desired Images OR
    Enter URL in the box and YOU CAN Also ACCESS MESSENGERS
    BROWSE!! and FAST too.They have got multiple Dedicated Servers Running


    Secure Server : https://www.pagemod.com/ USeful if ur behind Websense,fortinet or for schools and offices etc ..
    Tunneling Server: http://www.pagemod.com:1234/ useful if ur accessing from home in countires lke UAE.You will
    have to disable firewall to use this.

    Even Email and group Subscription to get updates on new domains
    so to be sure you can access.. even if their primary domain gets blocked

    New Domains

    If any thing goes wrong and you cannot access the site.send email to report@pagemod.com for more help.
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    from the content of the page.

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