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Privacy Video 1 (Successfully Tested in RMLNLU)

October 2, 2012 by admin  
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This is a video which describes a method to anonymously surf internet using a %PROXY%. It works. Enjoy! Facebook Page : Twitter : Coming Soon

Video Rating: 4 / 5

I have returned from the dead to bring you a crappy video as per several requests on Proxy Chaining – but me being me just did a quick and dirty ghetto version to save you from yourselves. Its not my best work but it answers the question and hopefully teaches someone something. Enjoy.

Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to “Privacy Video 1 (Successfully Tested in RMLNLU)”
  1. Huddzi32 says:

    How did i get here??

  2. asdvdafv says:

    keep? it up!!

  3. amoras10 says:


  4. barnabyjones57 says:

    i want to? see more i cant wait for the next video

  5. fereder743973 says:

    Subbing? as we speak!

  6. chitaievra808622 says:

    From 1 to 10 this is a full Nice work! ?

  7. hashflower242 says:

    thanks so? much this helped? a lot

  8. Giao Thao Luu Huynh says:

    Downloaded this a few days ago, back to get more of these downloads while there? free.

  9. MrBarbacamanitu says:

    kudos. sick? vid.

  10. MegaKur4o says:

    That Was awesome you talk? very clearly

  11. Haemweh says:

    Im checking out your other videos, nice? job!

  12. wendymar4321 says:

    -Oh my god!? Its really works! NICE WORK!

  13. itsgarylee says:

    (LIKE ? ? Yes ! FAVORITE ? Yes ! SUBSCRIBE ? YeAh)

  14. Spiiiiiii says:

    Wow! What a? great idea!

  15. MikeSupremeMagic says:


  16. LosTn3x says:

    Nice? <3 I subbed!

  17. TheJohnSmith2007 says:

    great video,cant wait? for more.

  18. diepchi79 says:

    Great Work Mate ?

  19. 987456manu says:

    Super? duper awesome vid yo!

  20. Ficksalat says:

    best? vid evarrrr?

  21. bianca elena says:

    From? start to finish Very Good!

  22. kotaro502005 says:

    Make More Please! ?

  23. whatisavps says:

    Nice channel? :D

  24. doanhaidieu1997 says:


  25. hongtramella512102 says:

    Brilliant? Work

  26. cameron crabb says:

    thanks for the video it was so help full. more? vids would definitely be good!

  27. darkphantommenace says:

    Yeah I figured so, I’m going to be purchasing a tutorial? on how to chain VPN’s as well.

  28. systemerror11 says:


  29. darkphantommenace says:

    Great video man. I’m pretty experienced in this? stuff myself but great tutorial for those who are new at it. But, does it work the same way if your using a VPN, and TOR?

  30. SodomGomorrahWaDC says:

    Also lol @ “The more proxies you use the harder? it is to find out what the hell you’re doing”

  31. SodomGomorrahWaDC says:

    Is using this? along with tor good enough to keep the FBI from knowing I download CP?

  32. systemerror11 says:

    yes,? informationleak[.]org

  33. Talis29 says:

    Is there a good forum where I can throw some questions without getting attacked by the regulars? I’m currently running both Tor and i2P, and Tor is set to connect? through the i2P proxy. I’m don’t know if this is good, bad, or doesn’t matter either way, but I’m very curious about what this does to my connection.

  34. wheeler90 says:

    cool you use comcast too… never mind whois says no comcast. But either way great vid keep up the great? work!!! I use proxychains works wonders with privoxy and tor.

  35. 1Meandfriend says:

    I love proxies!?

  36. systemerror11 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! Let people know. Id love to do more in-depth security related videos but I dont know how great the interest would? be.

  37. systemerror11 says:

    Glad you liked it.? Spread the word!

  38. systemerror11 says:

    There actually are ways of finding out the IP origin while using TOR, its a bit involved but for? the sake of brevity can involve modded TOR servers, javascript, flash, activeX, DNS, UDP, etc. If you use a text based browser with SSL you have a better chance of breezing through, but here I suggested using TOR as part of a proxy chain for those who are paranoid enough. TOR isnt perfect, this type of method can help add another layer (or 3) of obscurity.

  39. entropyness says:

    this is awesome dude,? thanks.

  40. SpartansSpot says:

    good? vid…

  41. systemerror11 says:

    No, MACs are only identifiable in the internal network. I suppose you COULD trace back to the? source but it would take a lot of cooperation and a lot of logging. This is why using a ghetto style method such as this can be ideal since you are spreading yourself through several different sources and the chances of each and every source even being reachable to request/demand logs gets slimmer and slimmer. Be aware that NOTHING is fool proof.

  42. produkshunhowse says:

    I understand in theory what you’re trying to accomplish. My question is: even though you’re skipping around the globe from server to server, is? there still not some data packets sent that can identify you if needed, such as a MAC address or otherwise?

  43. siddhesh2515 says:

    Omg you talk too much D:? Joking nice tut =D

  44. TheKronix says:

    hey bro , shit is fucking slow. how to use just the ip’s from the states or canada. cause the connections im? getting are slow as fuck brother!

  45. systemerror11 says:

    clear cookies, temp files or use another browser for simplicity if you dont want to do that. I suggest? opera.

  46. qwertj1 says:

    im ip banned from this site called justin tv i have tor running but i still cant? make new accounts on there. even though it says my ip is in like austria or holland or something. any ideas??

  47. rahungry says:

    thanks for the reply but ive found? TOR to be really really slow, but its a good learning tool! ;)

  48. systemerror11 says:

    No its not?

  49. rahungry says:

    Hi, is TOR only? for Firefox?

  50. b00nsmoviesss says:

    TOR? is really great!!!

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