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Pirates Anonymous

October 6, 2012 by admin  
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Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter :twitter.com Tumblr: broncotv.tumblr.com These pirates be setting the sails for recovery they be! Tell us which of us were your favorite pirate! Written by: Joe Schneider Cast: Brittnie Swartchick, Tom Carine, Joe Schneider, Oliver Culver, Graham Dougherty, Kathryn Karasek, George Durando Directed by: Joe Schneider, Caitlyn Alexander, Graham Dougherty Inspiration: Joe and Tom were watching the MLB all-star game, and wondered if the Pittsburgh Pirates player really wanted anybody to know who he was. Enjoy!


22 Responses to “Pirates Anonymous”
  1. Alej0xXx says:

    cmon matee everyone knows what you do with booty and that is NOT turning? it to the authorities, if yarrr know what I mean

  2. fergfighter says:

    Aye;? the authorities…

  3. jstaberg93 says:

    Linkin Parrrrrrrk!?

  4. derekcharacter says:

    You know a lot of pirates go into? other lines of business after they quit pirating, check out our “Tooth Pirate” special.

  5. annebonny7 says:

    Arrrrrrcade Fire and Arrrrrrrrretha Franklin are? fun to say w/pirate accents, as well as Bob Marrrrrley

  6. aquaotter1 says:

    Their should have been a butt pirate in that group?

  7. Steiner600 says:

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcctiic? Monkeys

  8. dickycecilove says:


  9. ShadowDragon8685 says:

    One chance coincidence, months? of therapy set back and a convention center plundered. Yarrr matey.

  10. Feckel523 says:

    I was a pirate once,? but I ate a orange and it was k
    cuz I was still a pirate

  11. Zaugol999 says:


  12. broncotv says:

    of course not! BroncoTV has plenty of anime fans. Our? pirate counterparts, however, not so much…

  13. RoseMagpie says:

    Aww :( are anime fans hated by u? :(

  14. GamerG0d1337 says:

    Yeah, fuck anime faggots.?

  15. imadork123 says:

    GET HIM!?

  16. GamerG0d1337 says:

    Anything with “_____ Anonymous” is? automatically a joke.

  17. riky123 says:

    dat booty?

  18. xXjesperoXx says:

    hilari…? hillare…hill.. funny

  19. TitanbrolyGilneas says:


  20. guitarMclassical says:

    Very? funny!

  21. iAmRyRyRy says:


  22. runeinformer says:

    Haha nice? :)

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