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Phpbb2 Forum Admin Panel Perl Exploit

November 12, 2011 by admin  
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default Phpbb2 Forum Admin Panel Perl Exploit

here, I will show you how to gain admin permissions on a phpbb2 forum using a simple perl script. If you have registered on a phpbb2 forum, the perl script will apply admin permissions (site admin) to any user you want. Make sure you use your own registered nickname on the forum though. The script also is coded to allow the use of a proxy.


25 Responses to “Phpbb2 Forum Admin Panel Perl Exploit”
  1. 500daysofmj says:

    please can you send me the scripts if you can?? please

  2. argygreen says:

    send me the script plz.thanks:)

  3. l2oseate says:

    send me the script pls

  4. giegie92 says:

    send to me n0w .,

  5. Rockstare44 says:

    Does your script still work?
    If so, could you please send me it?
    Thanks bud^^.

  6. DoctorHadoken says:

    Could you send this to me, please?

  7. mountur says:

    send it to me pls

  8. 01diamant says:

    send me plz ;)

  9. mister10haha says:

    send mi that script!

  10. RiverSideTeam says:

    where i can get this .pl script?

  11. champloo166123 says:

    Could you send me the script?

  12. sansamis says:

    can you send it to me plz

  13. 123abcde123321 says:

    Please send it to me.

  14. AceOfReality says:

    @TheTalkteria read the title, phpbb2

  15. TheTalkteria says:

    Please send me the script. For which phpbb Version is it? Nice tutorial. Thanks

  16. tommygraven83 says:

    Please send it again! I was so stupid for activing that thing on but now it’s disabled, god what a fucking dick I am :’(

  17. 123abcde123321 says:

    And how? :)

  18. tommygraven83 says:

    Please send me the script! Thanks, great tutorial

  19. AceOfReality says:

    @123abcde123321 from me.

  20. 123abcde123321 says:

    Where I can obtain this script?

  21. andrewSkarKal says:

    can i hav the script pliz?

  22. TheFotisRafa says:

    Can u send me the script?Thank u!

  23. XgotaxdoxsumthinX says:

    What the hack? It works! Thanks forever man, really needed this! ;D

  24. XgotaxdoxsumthinX says:

    Hey AceOfReality,

    I really need that script, been busy for HOURS crossing the whole net, not finding anything except a link to milw0rm, which is dead… Please, I beg you!

  25. shotahaters says:

    i need that friend thanks!

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