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PHP Proxy List

August 6, 2012 by admin  
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PHP proxy site is the number one myspace proxy site on the internet today. With access to proxies such as these surfing the web has never been easier. Visit http for more details.

Video Rating: 2 / 5 By using IP Changer Software such as the one from Private Proxy Software you can Change your IP address with multiple servers in order to protect your personal information and avoid your identity being stolen. It is now well recognized that whenever you are on the internet your privacy is compromised. Your surfing can be traced to your IP address and your records and transactions can be watched and traced. Several companies have been working to address this heightened and intensified problem of privacy invasion. Of course, no one could just sit and let the crime pop up everywhere and anywhere. There was something to be done, right? IP Changer to the rescue! Anonymous browsing is simply browsing the World Wide Web with most of your identity hidden. This is primarily done through what is known as an anonymous browser based proxy. These are the websites that you can use to input the address of the web page that you wish to visit, and the service will take you to that website with information such as the location of your computer and the IP address hidden from the web page. Anonymous browsing safely and securely by using an IP Changer Software such as the one from Private Proxy Software is proving to be the technological solution to the problem of privacy invasion on the internet.

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    50k? working proxies list free : /watch?v=pSyed34Flvo

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    yea? wen u fuckin go 2 it it says hot sex wat the fuck

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    Link? broke

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    fuck u dnt have any creidt card?

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    OMG? i dont have credit card you crazy???

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