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PHP Proxy For MySpace

October 28, 2010 by admin  
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PHP Proxy site ( gives you free proxy server access to MySpace and other sites. Find out how to use a free anonymous proxy site to surf the web with complete privacy. Visit http for more details.

Whether it’s a school, mid-sized business or enterprise, the McAfee Web Gateway uses a multi-layer approach to ensure your users are unable to bypass your acceptable use policy to the internet, but still allow them the wealth of information the internet has to offer. In this demonstration, you will see the McAfee Web Gateway in action as we attempt multiple methods of filter avoidance in order to bypass detection and access unauthorized web sites, in this instance social networking sites like FaceBook, or MySpace.

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12 Responses to “PHP Proxy For MySpace”
  1. dollcrazy1 says:

    doesnt freakinq work.

  2. drclaudetv says:

    Doesn’t the one owning a proxy site such as swingingproxy dot, see all the IP addresses of all those who use that site to access all the other sites? In fact, the ownner of that site not only knows the IP addresses of users, but he can easily track from one place all the sites that a particular visitor is accessing. How can he then claim that a visitor can surf in full privacy? Am I missing something here?

  3. 11njz says:


  4. hanfash says:

    they suspend the domain
    its not avalible for now

  5. lexjay2 says:

    nice video! btw theres another fast/easy way to hide your ip, just use unbl0ck. net

  6. freeproxy says:

    Nice video, i have a free proxy available at – linkstoswap[dot]com

  7. kazahari1 says:

    lol thx but proxy are aligal in my school :S

  8. sakredei says:

    na wutz great?? proxygoldmine dot com

  9. ArrowHate says:

    I’d like to remind everyone of basic internet security: If you us any proxy and log into a website like facebook or myspace, the proxy has the opportunity to take your password. This becomes even more of a problem with paypal or if you user your credit card.

    I’m not saying any of the sites mentioned do that… Feel free to use the service, just keep in mind that there is a very real risk.

  10. XBLFREAK says:

    But you know whats the problem if you try it at school ? They probally will block that site you gave us. They block basically all the proxy sites…

  11. zztsumasaki says:

    properghanda? eiei

    ya proxy is good

  12. nw1420 says:

    Surf all of your favorite sites with the weedo web proxy!
    Just go to : weedo [.] info and surf your favorite sites without being blocked!

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