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Patchstick.ca Full Review

June 14, 2012 by admin  
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In this video I review Patchstick.ca’s commercial patchstick product for hacking the Apple TV. I can certainly say that this is the best hacking product available for the Apple TV today. Its simple, unobtrusive, and makes managing individual plugins a breeze plus updating plugins doesn’t require you to re hack the entire system, updates are handled within the menu system. Check their product out at www.Patchstick.ca and see how easy it is to add additional functionality to the Apple TV. Update I have conformation now that the open VPN service does have a connection available in the UK for BBC iPlayer access. Get more video tutorials and demos at my blog TheCheapGeek.org Follow me on Twitter http

Video Rating: 3 / 5


11 Responses to “Patchstick.ca Full Review”
  1. rabbitsib says:

    BTW I would also like to see BBC Channel 4 but they block it and its like imposible to get a good proxy server to play there content


  2. rabbitsib says:

    I really don’t like the fact they are selling you this when all? they are doing is putting all the crap that others done and selling it as a package deal. You can do it all for free if you? can learn how to read

  3. screen2222 says:

    free free conplite free?

  4. TheMonkey1983 says:

    Get your wife/mother/grandmother/son/daughter? to pay for it.

  5. bostonManifesto says:

    you cant get boxee with the free patchstick download?! please? helppp

  6. bostonManifesto says:

    please reply!!!!

  7. tweeksy says:

    With regards to point 5, so what exactly is misleading or wrong about my original statement?

    Are you disagreeing that you need an Intel Mac running Tiger to install flash? or something?

  8. tweeksy says:

    1. Yes, a lot of SSH commands are required for many steps, not a simple ‘click’ on a menu that the review suggests.

    2. some steps like installing Flash leave a lot to be desired (no explanation of where? to place files etc).

    3. So what use is it without an account?

    4. Yup, confirmed these instructions didn’t work about ten times over 2 weeks, then you told me you had changed file servers and it worked.

  9. patchstickDOTca says:

    1. ssh is installed automatically, you don’t need to do ANYTHING…
    2. There is a wiki whith a whole lot of detailed info
    3. openVPN integration is provided, but we won’t pay for a Witopia account
    4. USB and the scripts are working – confirmed by our customers. We sent you instructions on how to solve the issue.
    5. A copyrighted core component is required for Flash – we will not distribute copyrighted files, even though you seem to complain? about it wherever possible.

  10. tweeksy says:

    5. Some procedure require you to get components from an Intel Mac, which? I do not have, specifically this is the case for enabling flash at all.

  11. tweeksy says:

    What the review doesn’t fully explain:

    1. A lot of the features require far harder steps then just clicking on the script, i.e. ssh cmd line access.

    2. The instructions on the website are pretty poor.

    3. many of the additional features require an additional cost, USB is mentioned, but also OpenVPN.

    4. Many of the scripts (possibly due to Apples 2.4 update) are not working for me, Enabling? USB just hangs, even though I paid for it!

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