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Paid anonymous proxy server in USA?

November 24, 2010 by admin  
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Question by Alina S: Paid anonymous proxy server in USA?

Can you give me the URL addresses of the PAID (not free) anonymous proxy server adequating to following conditions:

1) Personal access to anonymous (high-anonymous) proxy server (there is no software to install or complicated instructions to follow)
2) unlimit qwick-working traffic (min 7,5 Gb/month)
3) situated in the USA/Western Europe

Sorry for my bad English.

Best answer:

Answer by Kenshin.
You can get this proxy leacher you get all kinds of levels of proxys

i personally use it.

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3 Responses to “Paid anonymous proxy server in USA?”
  1. ReckLess says:

    I have the one I use that I would reccomend. It is a software though, but it is very easy to use. It is 1 click to turn on and you surf using your browser and favorites, etc not one that is created just for surfing anonymously.

  2. Trusted Writer says:

    A good one is Secure Tunnel, check its site for further information and great features.

  3. cgoly01 says:

    Good Fast Proxy use this to get on blocked/banned websites

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