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Join Us: www.accessnow.org anonnews.org http DEAR CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, Anonymous can not, and will not stand idly while people are being denied their basic rights and human liberties. Yet, there are still a lot of governments worldwide who fail to even aspire to the standard of freedom that was set by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These governments believe they have the right and privilege to impose upon their own people an ‘official’ version of ‘reality’ which isn’t in any way tampered by the truths of everyday life under which its citizens are living. Anonymous believes this is an outright crime which can not go unpunished. The Egyptian people are living under inhumane conditions; being denied their basic rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, and the free access to information. By imposing censorship upon its own people and condemning these freedoms, the Egyptian government has revealed itself to be criminal, and has made itself an enemy of Anonymous. To the Egyptian Government: Anonymous challenges all those who are involved in censorship. Anonymous wants you to offer free access to uncensored media in your entire country. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your government websites, Anonymous will also make sure that the international media sees the horrid reality you impose upon your people. Anonymous will not spare anybody who supports this suppression. It is in the hands of the Egyptian government

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49 Responses to “OPERATION EGYPT – ANONYMOUS PRESS RELEASE – 26/01/2011”
  1. mahmoud2hack says:

    ( ??????? ????? ???? ????? ??? ???????? ) ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ………

  2. ArmedLegion says:

    @jnflahe? Speak for yourself idiot, because I most certainly care about “MY” freedom. also its probably not to wise for you to be calling a bunch of hackers faggots all while doing so from your pc. Dumbass

  3. MHCxElmos says:

    Anonymous seems sick. They should just make a better country or something like? that. Fuck it im joining.

  4. GODlovesHALO says:

    “If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make? violent revolution inevitable”

    ? John F. Kennedy
    we will fight for? freedom?Anonymous

  5. darkxknight22 says:

    1 year ago? #Jan25

  6. TheNonfat says:

    anonymous should help? syria too :(

  7. craigclay821 says:

    This video? went viral on Tuvalu

  8. fryejames12 says:

    This video went viral? on Tehran

  9. akaegypt4u says:

    egypt is with anonymous but u need to translate this in arabic so the egyptian can? understand this message

  10. shobra2020 says:

    It’s? not ur business,Anonymous .

  11. shaamanplatinum says:

    No. As you can see.?

  12. longliveegypt1 says:

    we r all with u ?
    God bless u all :) )

  13. marwanID says:

    I’m Egyptian and i’m with you!!?

  14. TheServiceWeb says:

    NEW BOOK (Donated) For Debates And Governance

    Topics: THE WEAPON THAT CAN BREAK THE CYCLE OF WAR AND TERRORISM, Debated Issues, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Science, Others.

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    See Announcements at announcements-balancedway.weebly.com


  15. Comm3nTLOrD says:

    im from Egypt and im? with you guys!

  16. hamamshady says:

    we? are doing it for the lulz

  17. hamamshady says:

    we? are doing it for the lulz

  18. falloutdjole says:

    Tell me, will they really hack facebook 5 november? ??

  19. MrNormlguy says:

    actually anonymous is responsible for hacking the PSN which? they did to wake you up from your prison of 24 hour gaming and pay attention to the world around you

  20. MultiTheAnonymous says:

    This shouldn’t? stand.

  21. HostileNegotiator says:

    Bypass government blocking of websites use IP: for twitter “″ for facebook “″? for google “″

  22. manganime72 says:

    somos libertadores , somos? legion somos todos

  23. VittorioxD says:

    I recommend that normal users not join the IRC.

  24. GuessMyPerversion says:

    We will be loud? as hell!

  25. stingray614 says:

    there’s no such thing as total freedom.? not even in religion. if there’s no rules and restriction, there’s no civilization.
    if there’s no civilization, your parents would be raping you. I mean hey, you wanted total freedom right?

  26. whipcitybmxkate says:

    “omg an X what does it do”
    “ohh i dont know let me just? click it a few times”
    “wow very interesting”
    we are not stupid lady!!!!!!!

  27. whipcitybmxkate says:

    no? not those ads the big one on the top of the screen

  28. TheDjShotta says:

    here is my request. to ur email: request@mahalo.com

    Hi there.. hmm.. are u stupid..

    end of conversation.. wll u request? urself now..
    -__- im sure she will say. click on X after sending email… LOOOOOOOOL

  29. TheDjShotta says:

    hahahha.. “beautifull lady” NOT… but u are fuckin stupid
    pls thumps up my own comment..?
    and dislikes the video the same time


  30. conrad85048 says:

    she is an idiot doesnt? work

  31. cooldriver66 says:

    i want my 1 minute 59 seconds? back…

  32. RetiringBiscuit says:

    Add? block plus doesn’t work :(

  33. jsward007 says:

    wtf it does not? get rid of the adds pressing the X because a new ad replaces it

  34. Iam506me says:


  35. 1990banks says:

    why so? many dislikes +_+

  36. patrickn3715 says:


  37. rchang04 says:

    I no? speaka the English very good! But the I think the u is stupid! Just fucking with ya don’t be hating but yeah seriously that’s not even worth watching if u actually give us a better tutorial!

  38. sniperdude21 says:

    and please dont remove my comment because youre all up in arms that its too? true to let the youtube community see your stupidity :-p

  39. sniperdude21 says:

    Maybe this video was made to help blondes figure this out, because no normal human? would have learned anything from this retarted video.

    Waste of cyberspace.

  40. zeljkoRO says:

    ofkors this not block even in same session, if you remove? ads on this way and if refresh page you will get again, sooner or later, same ads. THIS IS FACT.

  41. Proppis says:


  42. ukmlmmlm says:

    Don’t panic!? its adblock

  43. knbsz says:

    Who wouldn’t go to school with such teacher..? School and college should learn sth from it

  44. Ronnii1000 says:

    if u wos the only teacher in this world i would never? go to school

  45. amoolio says:

    Ohh…? Asha is very good looking…

  46. jonyboy1379 says:

    you guys are really smart arent you? she says to get the Google chrome extention adblock… its working for me now. and if you dont have Google Chrome, i? suggest that you get it now.

  47. G4rrysm0dftw says:

    those? ads never bother me its the Interactive ads that piss me off

  48. BMOCroc says:

    freaking good looking!?

  49. robinbuster says:

    MY GOD! I had to sit to 30 seconds of youtube video add, just to hear you telling me to click the X button on the add, which doesn’t really get rid of the wasted ad space? nor is it permanent

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