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Obama knows what he is doing if he does , reason to worry?

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Question by Honorius: Obama knows what he is doing if he does , reason to worry?

Obama wants to stop upgrading our arsenal and will stop research and development
Obama is intelligent, sophisticated, educated in elite university an US senator.
He knows history .Nixon in 1969 ended unilaterally our first ABM and chemical , biological program . URRS reciprocate expanding their plus their nukes
Nixon Ford Carter signed SALT treaties which disarm America , URRS did not complaint and keep boosting and violatioting the treaties but the Wise Men continue insisting paper and paper despite that the outcome was empty ballons of celebration and plate without beef .URRS continue either through proxies or by her own means to expand , China too
Failing American policies did not stop the BEar or the Dragon neither brought peace, understanding and stop of agression
Reagan was ridicule, because his agenda was to obtain peace throught strenght and rearment. And he obtained thanks to Peace through strenght what the other Peace Olive branch president did not , real cuts in arms

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Answer by Government Cheese
Obama needs to give it up. Either we’re not ready for a black president, or we simply do not have the patience to deal with 2 stupid candidates. Honestly, I am not very excited to go to the polls this year: what wasted effort. Voting changes nothing. Face it. Obama knows nothing, McCain knows nothing. All votes cast will not be to determine the best candidate, but rather they will be cast to determine the least-sucking of the two.


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3 Responses to “Obama knows what he is doing if he does , reason to worry?”
  1. fdm215 says:

    Obama knows

  2. jamie s says:

    China has boomed mainly during the last 8 years.. Russia has been becoming closer to China during the same timeframe. Joint military operations..

    You are picking and choosing small points from former presidents.. And tying evidence that isn’t exacltly related.. Not quite fair..

  3. g says:

    how many nukes do you need after you can blow up the entire world?

    do you really need to pour billions more into blowing it up 5 or 10 times over? is that the smart move?

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