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neillife 7.4 thnx to Neill5050

April 22, 2012 by admin  
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Neil Life 7.4 Out Out now! neil5050″ exactly spelled skype username


14 Responses to “neillife 7.4 thnx to Neill5050”
  1. Christopher52488 says:

    good luck Neil wont log on due to some bull shit people are causing?

  2. MrMorgansgoat says:

    just to clarify , its neil0505? be sure to get the EXACT spelling

  3. Christopher52488 says:

    is this able to copy scripts? ikinda? figured it out but it says insaficant permision to view it but its into my invatory and wont go into a object please help

  4. TheMato0 says:


  5. sensimannn says:

    this is the free vieuwer not the private ….to have the private? contact Neill5050 on skype

  6. leland2o says:

    i just? posted a vid one how to get in touch with him so check it out

  7. HitomiOokami says:

    kk? thanks

  8. leland2o says:

    go ask “neil5050″ exact name on skype
    Its not free tho?

  9. HitomiOokami says:

    the Viewer. a copy of? the private.

  10. leland2o says:

    wat do you mean a copy? liek a vid? or the viwer…

  11. HitomiOokami says:

    would it be posable for me? to get a cop of the private as well?

  12. leland2o says:

    Yes i do agree, no this is not the private viwer this is th free version 7.5, if u woud like i can give you the link? for the private viwer tho, private 3.5 was just released, n the name of the song is “timberland feat nelly furtado-morning after dark (blanco remix)

  13. SeiferKai says:

    neillife is awesome its a lifesaver and it made my Second Life easier thanks to neil5050 for? creating such a awesome client

    and whats this song?…i like it

  14. jayktutorials says:

    Is this the private version? ??

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