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MTG Permanent Proxy Process

May 26, 2012 by admin  
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If your looking for more information on proxying visit my article on Reddit found here: www.reddit.com Feel Free to post a reply there and I will get back to you (ID: H_G_Magic) Video of the complete proxy process for Magic the Gathering cards. This is not an endorsement of making counterfeit cards in violation of copy writes by Wizards of the coast. Cheers.

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24 Responses to “MTG Permanent Proxy Process”
  1. cuginetycoon says:

    I did? it and the Foil came off with the card ? any ideas

  2. juanandresfuster says:

    how does it called? that paper? please tell me

  3. jumba898 says:

    so i can use? these?

  4. Utubeplanter says:

    A lot of details you didn’t include….. I didn’t know you had to cut out the transparencies, I thought the transparency copied the image to the blank card? and you would pull it off and it would work like that. But since you have to cut the transparency and leave it on the card, they don’t look remotely real or feel right. Waste of time.

  5. SamusMuldoon says:

    They? don’t already?

  6. xxbrkdwnxx says:

    looks like alot? of work for being a chump.

  7. HarderTimes says:

    Sorry everyone it has been a while, but I now have a better way to be contacted with questions.

    In all of my videos’ info sections are links to my Reddit article. This article will eventually contain the same? things as the “make a proxy” thread on MTGSalvation. If you have a question for me or other users post it there,


  8. firefairyt9 says:

    heyyyyyy… I have that same razor!!!!!?

  9. MrAlexchappell says:

    it is 100 times easier with zendikar and up foils..I do it to make general proxys for my edh decks

  10. NaturalSpeaking says:

    That was a Drift of Phantasms, so yes – Ravnica?

  11. coolstuffyep1 says:

    Hey can anyone give me a link on Office Depots website? for the right transparency film, thanks

  12. Elnxida says:

    The foils that peel right off… Was that Ravnica Block? I thought that card had the Dimir symbol on it. Or? something like it.

  13. mercenarybdu says:

    I care not with what happens? to them.

  14. etymdyniaphobe says:

    Good stuff.?

  15. Nightwing690 says:

    you’re very wrong, Urza’s Legacy was the first set with foils?

  16. CharinVZain says:

    They are still? shiny and look pretty :/

  17. tman2219 says:

    can u use acciton on yugioh? cards?

  18. imaqtlolz says:

    is there a way to remove the ink from new foils and? keep the foil blank?

  19. TheChuleft says:

    fools? those foils are of the chepeast ones

  20. llollercoaster says:

    no… only foils…?

  21. grrdavetv says:

    can it be? done with non holographic land?

  22. randomchineseguy says:

    I like scotch tape and now I can finally make scotch tape? jelly for my toast

  23. TemptBA says:

    You should really try printing? fake moneez, I bet you’d find a way to get all the watermarks and shit aha

  24. MastodonRockss says:

    Does anyone know if regular paint thinner? will work?

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