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Mikrotik QoS with service priorization

July 7, 2012 by admin  
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User set’s to 5,5Mbit/s, priorized over 12 services ( only priorization no speed set ). Latency 3ms, speed is very similar to maximal speed, agregation 1:5. In the bottom is uTorrent downloading max speed. QoS is in transparent bridge with ip firewall enabled.

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9 Responses to “Mikrotik QoS with service priorization”
  1. TravelGirl83 says:

    You should use access lists to manage? users !!!! This config will kill every routerboard.

  2. tvkralupy says:

    for game priorization use layer7 filter matching? and set other lower then parent in ratio 1/10, parent max-limit 5M, games limit-at 500K, other max-limit 4500K

  3. tvkralupy says:

    for better qos and security expirience use fortigate solution, for 50mbit/s wan use our? customer fortigate 80C

  4. tvkralupy says:

    other must be at end of rules, this repeat with every user. This qos was “in the middle” configured interfaces as? bridge, download was mangles as forward and upload as prerouting.

  5. tvkralupy says:

    This priorization have big problems with cpu performace. With 70 users it kills phenom X4 at 3500Mhz. I’m so sorry but i lost this configuration, now i priorize and limit bandwidth on l2+ switches SMC6128L2 with radius. Priorization is simple, create mangle rules witch you? want priorize and set them higher priority in queue tree. Use passtrought for every magle rules except other ( lowest priority = 8 )

  6. hoektoe says:


    can? you prioritise games with mikrokit for lowest latency while having downloads?

  7. xtornado123 says:

    why not share that? please share it….?

  8. icepicknz says:

    can you share your? rules and mangles please?

  9. sirjdlukkes says:

    can you share your experience? please?

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