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Metal Gear Solid 4: [HD] 720p Cutscene Part 1

March 18, 2013 by admin  
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Available in HD 720p. If video stutters drag the video back to the beginning and it should play fine.


25 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid 4: [HD] 720p Cutscene Part 1”
  1. Bestgameplayer10 says:

    Snake: The killing, the screaming, the horror…. War has Cha….

    Me: Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard your? award winning speech about 50 times now.

  2. Aaron Gonzalez says:

    The best intro to a game that? I’ve seen to date! I freakin love this game!

  3. JAYBIRD75961 says:

    I agree kojima has slipped in signs of the? future of reality in all his games

  4. Quikquik98 says:


  5. ZEZgamer says:

    probably my favorite? opening to a game.

  6. linkuei83 says:

    I’d go with Snake.?

  7. 203167EBP says:

    agreed man? fuckin agreed

  8. rEmiXraiNz says:

    Anonymous isn’t referring to the “15-year old”? hackers you speak of sir.

  9. JWFernel says:

    “Anonymous – The Resistance?” I think you’re? giving a group of 15-year-old hackers who share kiddie porn far too much credit.

  10. insight1337 says:

    War.. War never changes :D ?

  11. Simon Hoorah says:

    man game this? days is better than a fucking movie

  12. Deborah Robb says:

    A guy? near the beginning has very detailed elbows.

  13. Carlos Fox says:

    It’s all coming reality near? you

  14. EelofWoW says:

    I? thought of the same thing!

  15. Dincorta says:

    Fallout: “War. War never changes.”
    MGS: “War… has changed.”

    I don’t know what? to believe any more!

  16. Rokumonsen666 says:

    Praise the? lord, Someone else understands the craziness of gaming :’D

  17. Big Zoe says:

    I missed the REAL LIQUID SNAKE. I wish he could? have some how wasnt killed off because he was Solid Snake altimate Nemesis, not Ocelot. Ocelot was more of Big Boss’s enemy, until they worked together to bring down The Patriots

  18. TheGunFreak94 says:

    I think it was a scare tactic a trademark sound if you will. Similar to “Hitlers Buzz saw” the MG42 scared the crap out of soldiers due to how deadly and efficient it was. You can say it kind of stressed the soldiers out and they had to think rationally? or get injured/die. Same applies to here the Gecko make this sound that you know means that Gekko are on the way. It’s kind of like psychological warfare that sound combined with that machine causes fear and panic to ensue BEFORE they hit thearea

  19. TheGunFreak94 says:

    That is not foreshadowing those? are allusions…

  20. RGInquisitor says:

    “War… has changed. Its no longer about nations, ideology or? ethnicity. Its about video game consoles. Its an endless series of stupid battles fought by little kids and fanboys and their recessive genes. Youtube and its consumption of intelligence has become a well oiled machine. War has changed. Game publishers, game advertisers buy over websites like IGN. Money inside their pockets regulate their reviews. Opinion control. Pros and cons control. Popularity control. Everything is pointless.”

  21. ImSoTastyThatItBurns says:

    war never? changes, stupid!

  22. Zoe Hamilton says:

    why do the geckos? sound like cows??!??

  23. edwinsoderlund says:

    Wery? much control

  24. Hekynn says:

    man MGS is such a awesome series! Thx for posting this man!? Cant wait for MGS5. :)

  25. Kiewart Gulliver says:

    rising? would be nothing like this

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