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MEL script – dpAutoRig – v 1.3

November 13, 2011 by admin  
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[EN] This is a recorded video of a simple biped Rigging and Skinning processes of a character that I have modeled to demonstrate my MEL script dpAutoRig. I did this work in less than 1 hour! [PT] Esse é um video gravado do processo de Rigging e Skinning de um simples personagem biped que eu modelei para demonstrar meu MEL script dpAutoRig. Eu fiz esse trabalho em menos de 1 hora! Automatic Rigging processes with dpAutoRig – v 1.3: general: . guide . joints . controls . setup body: . scalable . clavicles and limbs with ik / fk blend . squash and stretch for limbs . manual controls and attributes for fingers . head and hands follow other body parts or world . mouth and chin controls . neck control . spine volume preservation . default skin from Maya . automatic forearm rotation . reverse foot . ribbons . proxy . extras: . hair or tail setup, etc face: . fk / “look at” controls for eyes . facial joints with controls . head with squash, stretch and bend deformers . face and GUI cameras . extras: . blendShapes mirror, etc

This video will show you how to install and play maplestory global from anywhere!!! 1-Download Maplestory GLobal and make a nexon account 2-Download AOL 9.0 vr and make an account (may take a while to work but keep trying) 3-On the sign in screen go to connection option 4-Then click advanced broadband setting 5-then click continue 6-Then on the drop down menu select ‘add broadband profile’ type anything 7-Then go to connection type and select ‘Home network’. 8-Save and on the log in screen make sure that connection is the same 9- Log into AOL and then run and login into MAPLESTORY GLOBAL 10- HAVE FUN and maybe donate to confuzledWTH cauze i am poor icon biggrin MEL script   dpAutoRig   v 1.3 (and in desperate need) links: 1) sign up* download* 2)sign up* download* (FOR WINDOWS 7 IMPORTANT If you get an error when trying to sign up for aol try looking up a web based proxy and allowing scripts!! *note* You may need to download and install AOL first to prevent maplestory from relocating you to the maplestory version of your location site *note* Rate and share ^^


29 Responses to “MEL script – dpAutoRig – v 1.3”
  1. rad66203 says:

    Amazing script.
    People want to know, are you going to allow dpAutoRig to be downloaded?

  2. infusa1 says:

    simplesmente genial cara parabéns pelo trabalho

  3. sudhirverma89 says:

    is dis script available nywhere….

  4. Anubone says:


  5. Shizu0Chan says:

    can i play maplesea in mapleglobal

  6. dreadfull345 says:

    @mrmarorr Tested and won’t work. Even if the account is made in North America it will not allow logins from anywhere else. Sorry

  7. schwekendiek says:

    my only options are automatic, broadband, and DSL

  8. schwekendiek says:

    what if i don’t have a home network?

  9. mrmarorr says:

    @welonis no ofcourse not, but I am going to travel there on a vacation, so i thoght i could make an accont while i where there :P

  10. welonis says:

    @mrmarorr you dont honestly want to travel to america, just to make a maplestory account do you?

  11. mrmarorr says:

    a friend of mine told me that if i travel to america and make a global account then i can use it in europe too. Is this true?

  12. TheReaperInLT says:

    @Maria10888 yep lol follow this tutorial

  13. iiSheepy says:

    How to sign in? It isn’t the same…

  14. OpticxNick says:

    Do you get the 1 sec lag through this?

  15. Maria10888 says:

    please help, ive been playing maplestory ( for at least 2 years now from a small country in asia called lebanon, and there was no problems at all, suddenly it told me you are signing in from outside the service region. Please help i dont want to let go of my character which i worked so hard on, is there a way?

  16. ZeZaZoZi says:

    @mrmarorr ROFLMAO true

  17. mrmarorr says:

    I thought that global was all over the world but in mapleworld it means america. LOL!

  18. TheDarkCycl0ne says:

    How the hell do i do this with Ubuntu 11.04?

  19. DamnWILCO says:

    at first it worked out.. the day after that it didnt work anymore :’(

  20. zhenzhangz says:

    Can Someone Pls Help Me……I Tried These Method Hundreds of Times And It Only Worked 1 Time…….What Should i Do T^T

  21. 4aerki says:

    hey could someone help me please, this worked for my other computer that had windows xp but now it doesnt work for me with windows 7, im on my laptop. I can get internet through wifi, when i log in aol, i get an aol error ac-3000 could not get an internet connection , please help , i really want to play because i really miss my global friends :(

  22. stoffis772 says:

    I don’t understand. I signed up for an AOL account but in the AOL Desktop program, I’m prompted to log on with my “screen name”. I use my AOL Mail adress, but this does not work. Instead, AOL Desktop tells me to sign up for a new adress, which I have to pay for monthly? I am very confused at the moment. Could someone please help?

  23. toonstrick32 says:

    @lillukey11 You need the AOL Desktop. When you install it and it opens for the first time, exit and enter again. Proceed from step 3

  24. lillukey11 says:

    WTH nothing came up like this….

  25. Martijnn4 says:

    @dreadfull345 it costs money? O,o

  26. blackpaintbucketable says:

    Hi, I’ve got a small problem. My windows 7 won’t let me do step 7. “(-Then go to connection type and select ‘Home network’.)” it’s grey and I can’t change it. Can you help? :) would be very much appreciated.

  27. peppie97 says:

    it really works!!!!!!(for people who cant get to the sign in menu dowload desktop aol) thx again

  28. crack44711 says:

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