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Logging on a site where I pay bills via a proxy?

February 6, 2013 by admin  
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Question by nasamike2001: Logging on a site where I pay bills via a proxy?

I am in South Korea, and there is one website I cannot access. I can access it via a proxy service. It is a site where I make my car payment. How safe are proxies? How much risk is there if I decide to do it this way?

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Answer by Seimal
bypass firewalls and proxy servers

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3 Responses to “Logging on a site where I pay bills via a proxy?”
  1. Banlagi says:

    this one can help you


  2. Nayuko says:

    These 2 proxies I am using currently. Once these are blocked I usually get my web proxies from Hope these proxies will come in handy for you too.

  3. googleknol says:

    well you should go for it,

    the risk isn’t that big, and since the website will have the traffic encrypted
    so there should not be much concern anyways.

    ( btw, when a website is blocked, there is a reason for it, i would keep that in mind before deciding for it.)

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