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Load Test with Visual Studio Team System

June 5, 2012 by admin  
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How to stress load your application and set up web tests or win form tests with Visual Studio Team System.

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30 Responses to “Load Test with Visual Studio Team System”
  1. adityavedios says:

    Hello..thanks for your great tutorial..can I know where or? in which book (preferably ebook) can I learn all about VSTS?

  2. bxbomb69 says:

    Thank? you … this was very informative!

  3. vinjohn09 says:

    I am doing load test on VSTS? and able to create virtual users using add load test. Can I replace these virtual users into real users? I just want to do a load test using real users instead of virtual users. So real users would come into the site from an excel sheet.

  4. vinjohn09 says:

    Please tell the steps to view through put point, and break point. Can you please give me your gmail id so that I can put my problems? directly to you.

  5. hall0ween138 says:

    Better job? explaining than other videos I have seen.. thanks

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