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Linux HOWTO #3, Part 1: Anonymous Web Browsing with Tor

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Link to Part 2: LINUX HOWTO 3rd installment, Part 1 Special thanks to Linux Journal ( for featuring one of my videos on their web site this week. This is the third installment in a new series called Linux HOWTOS. Every week I will post a video explaining how to accomplish something using a GNU/Linux operating system. Please write requests for installments in the comments! The internet is great for many things, but not privacy. Luckily, anonymity networks like Tor and proxy servers like Privoxy can give a certain level of privacy while online. They are not perfect, but they work very well. This video needed to be split into two parts because of the breadth of the material. The first part is simply about what Tor is and how it works. The second part contains step-by-step instructions for installing Tor and Privoxy on your GNU/Linux box. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment field, and I or someone else will do our best to answer. Please avoid ‘RTFM’-style answers. They are not welcome. Also please post corrections if I mistakenly give some wrong information. ———————– This video was created using only free and open source software tools: TightVNC, Open Office Impress, pyvnc2swf, ardour2, audacity, jackd, LAME, mjpegtools, and ffmpeg.

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11 Responses to “Linux HOWTO #3, Part 1: Anonymous Web Browsing with Tor”
  1. JamesTheWonderbolt says:

    Very explanatory. I will share? this video.

  2. chriscalkins123 says:

    I have a request; could you please make a video on setting up an FTP server that is behind firestarter and a? router please? Any of the FTP server programs available through the synaptic package manager, or software center in Debian would be great. Thank you in advance if you decide to make the video.

  3. chriscalkins123 says:

    I’m all for security, but anonymity is just worthless.
    Unless you have something to hide. To be truly anonymous,? the process is just not worth it. When you manufacture your own PC components, and move from country to country using random connections, you will be anonymous.
    Anything short of that, you are sticking out there like a sore thumb, it’s just a matter of time.

  4. Pabl0Gut says:

    how about javascript? or extra proxies, or firewalls, or ccleaner, or antiviruses, or configuring tor properly, or your mac address, or public/private access internet,? a slip up in any of these will get you revealed

  5. gatana1 says:

    @bugsVHumans no you cant, but you can use a proxy in? bittorrent. just strictly internet browser use

  6. BugsVHumans says:

    @emiemi2 – Can tor hide if you’re downloading torrents? Is it similar to IPBlock, Privoxy or what have you? If not, what are? their differences? Thanks for a good explanation. Great video! :)

  7. happygamestvfun1 says:

    mmm onion? and cheese

  8. IAskQuestionz4U says:

    What’s Linux box? And how can? I install my Tor if I downloaded it off of Softpedia?

  9. sciencectn says:

    Google has a very strict privacy policy. I can’t remember where I read the article but a Canadian model tried to sue a blogger using Google’s blogger service for writing disparaging remarks about her. Google refused to give any information about the user. The? US government has also requesting for Google to release its data. Google refused again.

    As for Chinese internet censorship, it was either a censored internet or none at all. Google knew this. They also know the Chinese know ways around.

  10. tehbigtoaster says:

    very well explained?

  11. BattleBrother55 says:

    This is stuff kewl I know just about nothing with? this so thanks for the information yo.

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