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Kwickfix Browser

November 30, 2010 by admin  
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default Kwickfix Browser

Program made by ph34r for VISIT!!

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default Kwickfix Browser

This is how to make a free wireless lag switch! Step 1:You will need to type in (ping -t -l 60000) in your notepad. Step 2:Go to this link, Step 3:Copy a high-anonymous proxy on the notepad.Only copy until it reaches the : Step 4:Go to SAVE AS type in anything and end with .BAT Step 5:Have FUN! and Rate Comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!


4 Responses to “Kwickfix Browser”
  1. mills815 says:

    kwickfix . net bro thats were its been

  2. TRiiCkSTaRx says:

    @xXx666ASSASSIN666xXx yh i done it all but wen i open it it says destination host unreachable

  3. xXx666ASSASSIN666xXx says:

    @TRiiCkSTaRx did u type in .BAT?

  4. TRiiCkSTaRx says:

    doesnt work :(

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