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Is there any way to make your home network act as a proxy server?

November 19, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Kyle: Is there any way to make your home network act as a proxy server?

I have a netgear WGR614 v6 wireless router and I was wondering if it would be possible to connect to it from another computer to use my internet connection. Basically make my home network a proxy. I would rather not have to connect to my computer to do it. I have already used remote desktop connection to basically do this, but that was rediculously slow, and a serious security risk. So is it possible and how might i do it?
I just have to ask, Anthony, how could it possibly be illegal to use your home network as a proxy? It might be against some rules at school, but illegal?
I only want to do this because my school just made it against the rules to access your email, no matter what you use it for. If i wanted to hide something why in the world would I want to use my home network which would be easily traceable to me?

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Answer by Anthony
I suppose if you know someone who is very good with wireless networks they could, not sure if its legal in us though….

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3 Responses to “Is there any way to make your home network act as a proxy server?”
  1. carl b says:

    proxies are crock of shit. If you got something to hide then figure it out for yourself. You won’t get much of a welcome from a lot of places on the worldwide web

  2. Colinc says:

    You can’t turn it into a proxy, that would require 2 broadband connections, each with fixed IP addresses. The cost is prohibitive.

  3. guardianangelz says:

    You can set up an SSH server on one of your computers, and open the service to the web (after recognizing the inherent security risks involved in doing so). Then, you can SSH tunnel into said computer from school and browser from there. Of course, all your traffic is routed through your home network, so it does slow your connection down noticeably. Also, wouldn’t work if your school’s blocked outgoing SSH connections.

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