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Is it too late to install a proxy server to hide my IP?

February 26, 2012 by admin  
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Question by possessed Regan: Is it too late to install a proxy server to hide my IP?

I have posted something on a discussion board but now i realize this wasn’t a very wise thing to do since they can track my IP address. Can i still install a proxy server so they can’t track my IP address? Or is it too late? Or is a post in a discussion board not linked to a IP address? Please help.

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Answer by mactruck
The servo that the discussion board is stored on has already recorded your IP address in a log (as all websites do). Can you go back and delete the post you made?

Anyways the IP address only traces back to your general location since your internet provider is the only one that has your home address and only law enforcement can get a court order to provide them with it.

However to prevent malicious attacks from web crackers (hackers) make sure your firewall is on or download “Zone Alarm” (they have a free version)

Go here if you want info on firewalls, logical ports, etc and to test your computer’s security (free)

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5 Responses to “Is it too late to install a proxy server to hide my IP?”
  1. tempo1 says:

    A persons ISP (internet service provider) owns and issues their IP Address. And most people have a dynamic IP address that their ISP changes every 24 hours or so. Pretty useless to anyone.

    Besides, in the USA, the only way to get an ISP to release personal information (name, telephone, address etc.) about a particular IP address is with a Court Order.

    And Court Orders are usually only given out in the case of suspected serious criminal activity. Don’t hold your breath.

    All someone can determine from an IP address is the general geographic location. Perhaps narrow you down to one in a million people.

    And oh yeah…EVERY website that you visit, including Yahoo Answers right here, knows your IP address…how else would they know where to send the information too?

  2. T says:

    It’s too late, they have the information.

  3. says:

    yeah its to late, but its not big deal if someone knows your ip, especially if you have dynamic ip.

  4. andie says:

    No its not too late frnd…

    Just use this –

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