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Is it safe to buy off an internet store through a proxy?

August 8, 2011 by admin  
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Question by James F: Is it safe to buy off an internet store through a proxy?

Recently I found a website that bases it prices on your location. They give free delivery so prices are tinkered to cover costs.

I used a proxy to pretend I’m from the UK and found the prices up to 25% cheaper. But is it safe to complete the transaction by inserting a) my email address and b) my 3 digit CVV number?

My visa card details are already saved on the site, but to access them I have to insert my password too.

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Answer by Eugene B
No. You’ll go to jail for 15 years for that if I’m correct.

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6 Responses to “Is it safe to buy off an internet store through a proxy?”
  1. JIM says:

    If you’re not from the UK, how will you get around the delivery address issue? When the vendor discovers a non-UK delivery address, he will not ship until he has notified you of extra charges and you have paid the requested amount

  2. JohnAndHisLoveFarm says:

    No, it’s not safe. The person running the proxy could intercept your credit card details.

  3. John yo c says:

    1st: is the proxy safe?
    2nd: If you’re not in UK, they will find out when they deliver it.

  4. Mike D says:

    Here’s a free proxy created today:

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  5. July John says:

    I’m not recommend you use proxy to do your transaction,It is not safe!

    You can use proxy to access any blocked sites but it is not safe for this purpose.

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