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Is Barack Obama getting support from spoiled college kids and wealthy Democrats bc it’s the cool thing to do?

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Question by Yummy23: Is Barack Obama getting support from spoiled college kids and wealthy Democrats bc it’s the cool thing to do?

Sometimes I think that a lot of the people who are so adamantly behind Obama are supporting him bc many of them think it’s the “cool” thing to do (besides Black people, which is a given, most of his support is from college kids and social elites with few or no pressing problems). Most of them are White, upper class, and probably don’t know any black people and don’t have any black friends, but they think by throwing their support behing Obama, they’re down with Black people by proxy, and they can show everyone they’re progressive and not racist. But when you ask a lot of these people why they are supporting him in terms of specific issues, most people are like, “Uh, I think he can unite people.” I was one of those people who hopped on the Obama bandwagon for a period of time, but the more I learned about him, the less I found him to be a credible candidate. He’s smart and well-connected…but I do think he’s more of a fad than a substantial agent of change. Is Obama mostly trendy?

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Answer by yaguru
what the hell does uniting people have to do with being the president of the United States???????

The president (ANY PRESIDENT) is a power monger, who walked over everyone to get where he is. That includes your PAL Obama.

Any one can talk about change. Big Friggin Deal.

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6 Responses to “Is Barack Obama getting support from spoiled college kids and wealthy Democrats bc it’s the cool thing to do?”
  1. JeffyB says:

    You are making a lot of assumptions about white people here, which is not fair. I think people are sick & tired of Republican AND Democrats who are Washigton “insiders” like HIllary & Bush. We’ll never ever get change by voting for HIllary. Her campaign mgr led the charge to circumvent the McCain-Feingold bill. She is totally bought & paid-for by special interests.

  2. michele s says:

    you may well be right

    remember the champagne socialists in new labour?

    as for obama being trendy – you have a good point
    i worry about his lack of experience and calling for change is easy…….

  3. sleepingliv says:

    Do you really want to know why Obama will win?

    Simply because Oprah Winfrey – demigod of the white middle aged stay at home mom is supporting him. This particular demographic are the ones who will turn up at polls to vote. They have the time on their hands and well…Oprah said so!

  4. monicanena says:

    Wow, you are SO wrong.

  5. Ian D says:

    I understand what you’re saying. College kids often look to be different by buying into trends, etc. A lot of white kids do want to be down with black folk. However, those people don’t really take politics seriously, and rarely vote. They are just looking at a popular topic and feel a need to express themselves about it.

    The legitamate supporters of Obama see him for who he is…..a refreshing, charismatic new face on the poitical seen, who appears to have solid leadership qualities. The only thing he lacks in the eyes of most people is experience.

    Even if Obama doesn’t win the nomination or presidency, his future looks very bright.

    The bottomline, this guy has mega-talent.

  6. She Who Must Be Obeyed says:

    I can’t speak for all middle-aged white women, but I’m one of them who plans to vote for Obama if he wins the Democratic nomination. I haven’t watched Oprah in 15 years, all the years I was teaching in a predominantly black school and made many black friends.

    I like most of Obama’s health care plan– I have some problems with extra taxation of business owners who don’t provide health insurance. I agree with his immigration policy. I think that he’s spot-on in the education front. I’m all for pulling out of Iraq and letting the UN step in and take over like they should have from the beginning.

    I also believe that he’s the closest we can get to the “Everyman.” Neither black nor white, he has a diverse background and has experienced world cultures like no other candidate before him. I think he can bring a fresh, honest perspective to the White House.

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