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in-dash computer 3 of 3

February 16, 2012 by admin  
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This video shows my cobbled together in-dash computer installed in my 2007 Subaru STi. The computer is a 1.8 something GHz Core 2 Duo paired to a Zotac NF610I-KE Mini-ITX motherboard with 2 GB of RAM. It has a 30GB OCZ core series 2 SSD for the primary OS drive, and a 2.5″ 120GB Toshiba SATA drive for media storage. The computer is installed in a one-off CNC aluminum 2DIN chassis that mounts the guts of a Lilliput 619 GL 7″ 800×480 touchscreen display, modded with 3M vikuiti transflective film. It has GPS, Bluetooth, a war-driving openWRT loaded WRT54G LAN/WAN hooked to the LAN port, 3G Internet via a proxy server running on my iPhone through WiFi, over-the-air HDTV tuner, engine telemetry via an openport cable speaking SSM to the ECU, a hacked up dell keyboard multimedia board (just the volume knob and multimedia controls) molded into a fiberglass resin plate where the ash tray and cigarette lighter used to be, SD video capture via a Philips webcam, an Apple compact keyboard in the glovebox, and a compact gamepad.It uses an M2-ATX 160W DC-DC power supply. The operating system is Gentoo Linux with base layout 2/openrc, and the kernel is a vanilla kernel patched with gentoo’s framebuffer console goodness; I believe it is 2.6.29 rc4, around the time that Arjan Van De Ven got his fastboot branch committed to the main tree. Almost all drivers are statically compiled, and there are tons of optimizations to make it boot as fast as it does; most of the time booting is spent

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This viewer for copybot is very advanced and has a built in griefer added This can copy anything!! apart from scripts but it can copy particle scripts! If you watch full video you will see that i have copied a house a helicopter and someones hair shoes skin shape and various others attached to her I am selling this great product for a stagering $L5000!! if you dont like the price, check Inventory backup price!! its about $L8000 for less than what we offer I am the founder and maker of iCore Designs Viewer Full free support! Half price updates! If you reccomend a friend to this product i will sell it to them for $L3000! No virus in file at all! if you think there is scan it.. if you dont want to , dont bover looking at this How to buy. 1. Private message me saying you would like it ( also feel free to ask me anything! ) 2. Arrange pricing 3. once you buy i will give you link you then go to it and download it 4. once got it extract it ( if unable to extract it download winrar ) 5. Once got going open file called “Secondlife – Bin” ( bin = open multiple accounts ) 6. Yes, you can open more than 1 account ! 7. to copy something right click it then go to more then go to export then save it to what you want it to be called 8. once exported, go to file then click import then choose the file you saved ( when importing you must be on the ground ! )9. once you have clicked on the file a box should rez above your head, the more prims it is the longer it will load for you 10. now


31 Responses to “in-dash computer 3 of 3”
  1. Svarog891 says:

    awesome setup!
    great to see? such Linux-powered carputers

  2. SummerGameProject says:

    @hotspoons Thanks! I was confused on which interface type to? use, as the zotac motherboard specifications on newegg simply said SATA for interface.. Thanks again, and by the way good job with your computer project – it looks really cool!

  3. hotspoons says:

    @SummerGameProject – yes, SATA II in AHCI mode.?

  4. SummerGameProject says:


    What SSD interface type did you? use with the ZOTAC motherboard? Would it be SATA II?


  5. hotspoons says:

    @nootosoob I made it myself with Blender. youtube won’t let me post a link for some reason, but let me know if you want the original file? or a rendering and I’ll figure out how to hook you up.

  6. nootosoob says:

    where did you get the STi logo for your? back ground?

  7. H4CK3JOMY says:

    copybot is awsome but this videos on youtube are bad cause many people see this and then more people make copybot and LL will take a way to disable this functions, this have been happens, some functions of the lib files doesnt works any more? and that tanks to this silly people who post this videos just to infect others with the viewers they release to download, carefull folks, copybot is cool yeah but many of that viewers have malicious codes to hack your accounts

  8. BloodyMare123 says:

    how you download

  9. ShroomMasta2009 says:

    you? know why this faggot ass bitch is in sandbox right. Cause some dumbass builders and semi good builders build there with there full perm stuff and they copy that shit and keep it for themselves or sale it. like animations and so on.

  10. ShroomMasta2009 says:

    @boobanet Suck? my dick

  11. ShroomMasta2009 says:

    You know that bitch be copybotting left and right he just puts that there so? his ass wont be sued or the possablity of being sued. That is why this punk ass bitch is on a alt.

  12. ShroomMasta2009 says:


  13. danjosh7111 says:

    Guys dont Copy bot it WILL? get you banned

  14. lProteus says:

    you can’t copy scripts??

  15. WhiteRadek says:

    @RyanSalsa copybotting is forbitten, so dont? even try

  16. RyanSalsa says:

    is copybot? free?

  17. AnthonySelectaII says:

    Great, so you have now a 200 prims helicopter no scripted.
    I’m sure you will get fun rezzing it in a sandbox, looking at it and thinking “Woah, is beautiful! How can someone build? something like this?”,
    then redrop it in your inventory.
    R O F L

  18. Septagotius says:

    Hey retards. This is a edited? version of fucklife. And fucklife is a edited version of cryolife.

  19. chubarino says:
    its the? best? viewer.. llabs viewer can’t stand against? it

  20. 5050neil says:

    other one should be a freebie code in C#

    but this one

    in C++ isn’t hard to do

    llformat(“default n { n state_entry() n { n llParticleSystem([ n PSYS_PART_FLAGS, 0 n

    or I can just download it all as an llsd and upload it? on an object of my choice.

  21. 5050neil says:

    I am not sure cryolife had particle script grab. I know it had the nc hack.

    lsl.Append(” PSYS_PART_START_ALPHA, ” + String.Format(“{0:0.00000}”, exportPrim.ParticleSys.PartStartColor.A) + “,” +? Environment.NewLine);
    llformat(“default n { n state_entry() n { n llParticleSystem([ n PSYS_PART_FLAGS, 0

    you get the picture. What else can it do.

  22. iCoreDesigns says:

    if you read my description? you would of realised that it says its cyrolife but i have edited it to make it more variable

  23. 5050neil says:

    the proof its cryolife is in the video. Guess? how. It says hax bar which means nothing. But the fact its on 1.22. I can easily tell its 1.22 version because it doesn’t include a adult checkbox.

  24. 5050neil says:


  25. boobanet says:

    worth the money and worth the? time!

  26. boobanet says:

    Works fine !?

  27. iCoreDesigns says:

    ok thanks for the tune up? ;)

  28. Themiscyran says:

    This is your product, correct? This is your video, of your avatar (or one under your control) copying a helicopter, a house, and somebody else’s avatar, correct?

    I see no clothing being made, I see other people’s work being copied without? permission or recompense. That is called ‘theft’. If you would like me to provide a definition in a more familiar language, please specify the language and I will do so.

  29. iCoreDesigns says:

    im sorry that does not make any? sence, feel free to private message me.. and just to let people know i own a buisness that makes clothing and i do not care about copybot, if you own something i suggest you to get a copybot banner… good day

  30. Themiscyran says:

    How do you justify the theft of other peoples’ work by these copies? of yours?

  31. iCoreDesigns says:

    Yes, it works perfectly?

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