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Im looking for a good fast browser proxy?

July 24, 2012 by admin  
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Question by cptnkeyes: Im looking for a good fast browser proxy?

I got banned from a web site that I spend a lot of time at and I need a fast proxy that I can use to hide my IP from them until my ban gets removed. I use ProxEasy but its slow as hell.

Note that I did nothing wrong, but the moderator “moot” is a total douche bag that loves obscure rules.

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Answer by Sidney
Go outside. You’re better off without the ability to troll /b/.

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11 Responses to “Im looking for a good fast browser proxy?”
  1. WebDude says:

    here’s a list of fast proxy websites


  2. Richard says:

    here is a fast fresh new proxy site it might help you

  3. Helen says:

    here you can find a good fresh list of proxies
    and if you aren’t happy with public proxy, they offer a premium service

  4. Proxy says:

    Try This One
    Type This Link In Your Browser

    ANother Prize – Winning Proxy For 2009

    Use It To Unblock All Your Favourite Sites .

    It Unblocks Facebook , Myspace , Youtube And Even Every Blocked Site .

  5. TheDudeyouwanted says: is fast :) good luck with finding a fast web proxy.. Or you could try a http proxy here some

  6. Smiter says:

    Here is one that i set up a few hours ago that should work fine:

    A few older ones:

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