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I really need help finding out about double proxy marriages?

August 5, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Shelby: I really need help finding out about double proxy marriages?

Me and my boyfriend of a year are madly in love, he is in the marines and is away in battle. We love each other so much and want to get married as soon as possible, money is no issue. Please help us find a way to work this out. I have heard of double proxy marriages, is that our only option or are there other ways? Please please please help. Thank you so much!

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Answer by Jordan M
If you love each other so much, wait until he comes home. If marriage was so important to him, he would have married you before he left. If you met him after he left for ‘battle’, then you do not know him enough to marry him. Take your time. A rushed marriage makes no sense.

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3 Responses to “I really need help finding out about double proxy marriages?”
  1. olderbutwiser says:

    Google “double proxy marriages”, check out the websites, and get all the info you need to make a sound decision.

  2. Evan says:

    Hey take some help from some marriage councils. Most of them also provide online help.

  3. Love says:

    Invest in your love and to be happy.
    Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. When you make a commitment to a relationship, you invest your attention and energy in it more profoundly because you now experience ownership of that relationship.

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