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How will use the proxy with internet explorer

March 7, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Videos , part before watching this video check part “1″ about “privacy on the net” and part “2″ about “anonymous browsing” to understand the whole concept.

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A great search engine if you want to play it safe! Its design just looks like Google’s old design. It can find almost everything you need and it doesn’t hurt your personal data. Read the terms of use and you’ll see that it is a great search engine. If you care about cookies and and your personal data, then take the chance and use an alternative search engine to Google. It features endless scrolling, a safety display, images, image slide shows, instant search, web search, news and an easy layout which doesn’t take much resources or memory. ________________________________________________ Here are a list of search engines (HTTPS): https ________________________________________________ Have fun icon wink How will use the proxy with internet explorer IMPORTANT If you want more safety and don’t trust any search engine, you need services like “The onion routing” or proxy servers. This will help you more than an anonymous search engine alone. Please remember that !


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