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How to Watch Youtube on a TV

June 4, 2012 by admin  
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9 Responses to “How to Watch Youtube on a TV”
  1. twinkyhoho says:

    ok heres a easy way, get wifi, get? a wii, then go on the internet channel XD

  2. I3L4CKL1GHTN1NG says:

    Stupid bitch did? not even fuckin teach us how to do it!!!!

  3. Z0MB1PLAY3R says:

    Thats a weird looking kitchen?

  4. LiSuChow says:

    i think i’m in love? :)

  5. TheNgochuan says:


  6. TheNgochuan says:

    tai sao toi? ko xem dc nhung video quay len ?

  7. TheCherryBlossom17 says:

    whats the point of this just watch it later??

  8. jscguitar says:

    thank you ;) ?

  9. Louloe says:

    Tit for Tat!
    Beat another Human that bad, getting off on him screaming for his Dad, and then still keep beating him.
    This isn’t the first time either!!!
    Their actions have sealed the true mask they wear. One of Judge, Jury and Executioner!
    We want to see real JUSTICE. Not no slap on the wrist, and fired, or fined.
    Prison! Real? Prison like every other Person would have received!
    You should be lucky Anonymous is civil!
    Imagine what the parents of these victems would like to do to them!!!

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